Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My (other) Husbad

Decided to skip my morning workout (gasp!) for some extra sleep today. Definitely a good call. I didn’t sleep well last night (stupid tummy issues), so it was great to get an extra hour and a half this morning.

Don’t worry too much, though—I made up for my missed AM sweat session with an amazing afternoon one. 

7 miles in 1:06:24. That’s a 9:28 pace. I felt like I was flying and likely had the world’s biggest grin plastered on my face. It was just one of THOSE runs. You know, one where everything feels great and you feel great and the right songs keep coming on at the right moment and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Ok, I was inside—I’m sure they still were. It was perfect. Reminded me why I. LOVE. TO. RUN.

In other news… one of my refrigerator friends (this is a term I heard at a conference where I heard the other of this book speak. Basically refrigerator friends are your BEST friends. More than best friends. Friends that it wouldn’t be AT ALL weird for them to just go into your fridge when they were at your house and start making a full blown meal. Not just grab a Diet Pepsi. I’m talking like chopping vegetables and such. THAT’S a refrigerator friend. And, I’m lucky enough to have several of them.) and I are going to see my (other) husband in September.

Be still my heart. I could not be more excited. I'm completely in love with Jason Mraz.

Side note: I asked the Hubs—you know, the real one—if we could have a Jason Mraz song as our first dance song at our wedding. He said no because my crush on him was TOO real. No Jason Mraz was played at our wedding. We might have a better marriage because of it.

However, today—today I am listening to my (other) husband on Pandora all. day. long. in honor of the upcoming concert.

I love me some Jason Mraz. Not really feeling his new hippy look, but I still love him. Don’t worry, Hubs. I love you more (unless Jason Mraz is playing on the radio).

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