Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Sorry for the lack of blogage all weekend. I went down to STL for the weekend to visit with family. It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of time with my nephew (aka: World’s Cutest Kid. Ever.)
I mean... really. Cutest. Kid. Ever.

The trip down consisted of a lot of this:

And this:
 Iced coffee trumps hot coffee any day. 

DD coffee=SO good. So much better than Starbucks. DD—please come to NW Indiana. Please?

Saturday we took my nephew Easter egg hunting, got his face painted, went on rides (including a pony ride! He was a pro!), and more. Tons o’ child-appropriate fun!

The adults also had their fair share of adult-appropriate fun. My sister and I split a bottle of moscato wine on Friday night… I would share a pic, but we downed that bottle too fast to even snap a shot… that, or I was lazy. Maybe a little of both.

After the egg-hunting fun, we helped my sister move. Lots of boxes, trash, boxes, moving, lifting, boxes, manual labor, car packing, boxes, sweat, boxes, and more. The day also consisted of pizza and a Target trip. No complaints here when Imo’s and family time is involved.

The trip back on Sunday was basically the trip down Friday, but reverse. Wow—that could not have been any more detailed. But, really… what else is there to say? We drove. 6ish hours. I napped while the Hubs drove. The Hubs read while I drove. We made it back. Great story, Meagan.  

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