Friday, April 20, 2012

Ramen Noodle Hair

Thanks, Cely, for helping me waste a solid 15 minutes today at work with this. 15 minutes later and now I can’t get “MmmBop” and “I Thought She Knew” out of my head. #32 is beyond my favorite. I literally laughed out loud. Great way to start a Friday.

Come on. Admit it. That's just funny.

In other news, I ran this morning. Fast. My fastest, actually. 5.5 miles in 47:45 on the treadmill. That’s a 8:41 average pace. Did you see that number? It starts with a freaking EIGHT. Damn. To be fair, I did 3.5 miles in 30 minutes, then did the elliptical for 15 minutes, then did 2 more miles in 17:45. Still. I’m pretty freaking stoaked about that. Runners high—definitely here to stay for the day. 

I’m heading to Ohio for the weekend to see my college bff’s and could not be more excited! One of them is getting married next summer, so it’s bridesmaid dress search weekend!!! I’ve never been a bridesmaid before, so I’m WAY excited. Oh, and you know—the bride is one of my best friends, so that makes me a bit excited too.

What else am I excited for? DRIVING SNACKS! It’s a 5 hour drive to Ohio. Maybe normal people could make it thought that with just stopping once for dinner or maybe not even stopping… but, I am not normal. Not even a little bit. So, I made homemade trail mix (almonds, chocolate chips and raisins), packed a banana and a single-serving of Justin’s Maple Peanut Butter (YUM!), and these:

OMG. Good doesn’t even being to describe these. I'm obsessed with them. Best driving snack ever. Give me these, a fountain diet pepsi, a good mixed CD or playlist if you have one of those fancy iPod connectors in your car and I am good to go. Best part? They're only 90 calories for 7 pieces! So, I can (and will, let’s be honest) eat the whole pack for 270 calories. Sign. Me. Up. And, yes—you do see a second pack hiding behind the first. Hey—I have the drive back on Sunday too!

Have a great weekend!!

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