Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweat, Tummy, and Moles

I started my Monday morning of in the best way possible: drenched in sweat. J 60-minute spinning class and 2 miles on the treadmill. Felt great! Then, during my lunch hour I got another 4 miles in on the indoor track. Fabulously sweaty day. Loved it.

After sweating (twice!), I had a doctors appointment. I’ve been having some crazy tummy issues (SO attractive, I know) for as long as I can remember and decided it was finally time to get it checked out. Of course, we ended up talking tummy issues and about 100 other things. My doctor had me get some blood drawn to do some test to hopefully see what’s going on with my belly. 
Ouch! And, you're welcome for saving you from a pic while I was actually getting the blood taken. that would have been gross and the lady taking my blood would have looked at me like I was a crazy person.

She’s checking for crohns, colitis, and/or a possible gluten allergy. Phew! Should get the results in a few weeks, so we’ll see what happens from there.

We also talked about my weight loss—or rather, lack there of. For the record: I do not work out to lose weight. I work out because I LOVE to sweat. I love working out. It’s a HOBBY and a thing I enjoy—a lot. Buuuut, I’d be completely full of BS if I said a little weight loss wouldn’t be an exciting and welcome perk. I asked the doctor if it was odd that I haven’t lost any weight since I started working out, especially as I track my food and try to stay around 1400-1500 calories/day (OBVIOUSLY some days go WAY over that). She said it was definitely strange, so she’s also having my thyroid checked via my blood work. Hopefully we’ll come up with some answer. Again- I do NOT work out for weight loss, so I’ll keep sweating like crazy weight loss or not. I know, you were MEGA worried you wouldn’t get to see my sweaty pics or hear the word sweat 1000 times a post. Fear not.

I also had her do a “skin check” as just a routine skin-cancer screening. I’ve never had a dermatologist appointment as just a check-up and haven’t seen one for anything in over 10 years. She checked my freckles/moles on my face, arms, legs, back and chest. And, she found something “suspicious”. She said a mole on my lower left thigh looked abnormal, so she scheduled a follow up to have it removed and will send it to the lab from there. She said not to worry—that this was likely simply a precaution, so I’m not worrying. I’ve had moles removed before and it was no biggie.

I told the Hubs they were going to “chop it off” and he was like “Oh, ok… that sound good” and I replied “it’s GOOD they’re going to chop off my leg???”. He freaked. He did NOT think that was a funny joke. I, however, couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not one to worry about these sorts of things til there’s actually something to worry about (which is kinda funny since I am a HUGE worry-wart in general). And, right now- there’s nothing to worry about. So, I’m not. Simple as that. I would, however, suggest that you ask your general practitioner to do a routine skin check up the next time you have an appointment. It took like 3 minutes and didn't remotely hurt. Just a good thing to have checked, just like we have annual female doc appointments, dentist appointments, physicals, etc. Always good to be safe!

I did feel like I earned a little something-something after dinner after getting blood drawn and the stress of the day. 
Why do the eggs taste SO much better than the regular cups?? Biggest mystery in life.

Perfect end to the day.


  1. Good luck with all your tests! I wish I was a morning work-out type of person, but just can't seem to get up & motivate myself that early - but I love a good after work sweat session.

    1. Thanks!!! I saw on your blog that you have some crazy tummy issues too--- so, I might be knocking down your door (aka: emailing) you for some advice when I get these test results back!!

      And, the way I look at it-- doesn't matter WHEN you sweat, as long as you sweat! I am a morning person through and through... it is tough sometimes to get up THAT early, but I pass out by 9:15 at the LATEST each night and I do all my "morning prep" stuff the night before (pack lunch, set out clothes, pack gym bag, etc.). Plus, I just love having that runners/spinning/etc. high all day. I'm a sucker for endorphons!

      Love your blog! :)