Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend and a BIG Body Glide Fail

This weekend was great! Lots of friend (“school fries”—not sure how we got that name, but that’s what my undergrad friends and I call each other) time complete with margaritas, trashy TV, bridesmaid dress shopping, and lots and lots of food. Perfection in weekend form.

Oh! And, the weekend in Ohio ended on a bright note because I got to make a pit stop by my meca.
Oh Trader Joes... please open closer to our apartment? Please? I'll give you LOTS of business. Promise!

Heaven, in grocery store form.

After my pit stop, the 5 hour drive commenced and was made much more enjoyable by the red vines and by these:
SO good. Not as good as Red Vines, but definitely good.

I got back home Sunday night and walked into a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. The Hubs was… BAKING.
 Yes, 95% of our kitchen cabinets were wide open during this baking adventure.

He made a pie. A s’mores pie from a link I emailed him months ago with the subject line “YUM!”. Best. Husband. Ever. I was honestly speechless.

Boys baking has got to be one of the cutest things ever. He said he planned to be done baking before I got back, but it was "more complicated" than he originally thought. So cute. He was covered in marshmallow and chocolate and there was graham cracker dust all over, but it was so worth it especially since he cleaned up too! And, for the record-- the pie is SO good. 

I enjoyed the rest of the quiet Sunday night with the Hubs and our pie. He even did 8-minute Abs and Arms with me so I could get a little sweat-action in.

I (again) took Monday off for the sole purpose of getting a quality long run in. I had my sights set on a PDR—16 big ones. I’ve done 16 in one day before, but it was split into 2 runs. This time, I wanted them all at once (does that sound kinda dirty to anyone else?). I was on the road by 8am and felt great the first 8 miles. Starting at mile 9, I started feeling fatigued, but still OK. It definitely went downhill from there. I hit THE WALL hard at mile 14. The last 2 miles I had to walk a bit. I honestly don’t even remember the last time I HAD to walk during a run, but OMG—I really had to this time. 

Regardless, I got them done. For 16 miles, I was pretty happy with under a 10:00 average pace. Not thrilled, but happy. Especially seeing as how I had to walk (and let the Garmin run) a couple times the last 2 miles. I’ll take it. Done and done.

Splits for run:
Mile 1: 9:30 (first mile is ALWAYS my fastest... psssh! I nevvver go out too fast!)
Mile 2: 9:37
Mile 3: 9:38
Mile 4: 9:56 (Had to stop at a light and forgot to pause Garmin.)
Mile 5: 9:45
Mile 6: 9:47
Mile 7: 9:47
Mile 8: 9:47
Mile 9: 9:45
Mile 10: 9:57
Mile 11: 9:57
Mile 12: 10:19
Mile 13: 10:12
Mile 14: 10:06
Mile 15: 10:31
Mile 16: 10:51
Average Pace: 9:58

After the run, I enjoyed suffered through a 20-minute ice bath. Hate those, but man do they make a world of difference. Then, I showered and OMG! PAIN! Searing pain on my chest. OUCH! HUGE chaffing marks. And, yes—that is PLURAL. Body glide FAIL. Somehow I missed SEVERAL spots and have HUGE chafed areas on not-suitable-for-PG-rated blogs. Here’s one on a PG-rates spot that I didn’t notice til this morning.
Noticed this because it was BLEEDING before I got in the shower. Awessssome. Let me tell you just how AWESOME that felt in the shower. With soap. UGH.

And trust me, that might not look that bad-- but, it is. It's the size of my thumb and it's the SMALLEST chaffing area of the 5 I have now. I'm telling ya-- BODY. GLIDE. FAIL.

I had to rush back to my apartment after the gym because the shirt I brought for work to the gym (where I did an easy 60 minutes on the elliptical as a recovery workout to loosen the legs up again) definitely would have shown this sucker off and I did not want to look like I had a hickey in the middle of my chest all day. Pass on that.

So, yeah—those hurt. And, I’m decently sore. But, overall—I’d say I’m doing well and ready to hit the road again! The ice, compression, and the quality time with the good ol’ stick last night definitely paid off. I’m shooting for a weekly max mileage this week which would mean hitting 40 miles this week and being able to get a few in at lunch today will definitely help me reach that goal. Here goes nothing…


  1. Sorry about the body glide- ouch! Kudos for taking an ice bath- I took one ONCE. Never again. Haha. Too painful for me. I love TJ's!!! The one in Spokane is a mile from my house so I frequent it a lot. Just went there tonight for their star shaped yogurt covered vanilla cookies. Oh my! They are good! Also got some cookie butter. Since I am tapering and going crazy I am also eating everything in site....Not good!

    1. Yeah, the ice baths SUUUUUCK, but they make SUCH a big difference for me the next day!

      I got Cookie Butter too!!! I haven't tried it yet and I have no idea what to put it on... any suggestions??? TJs=LOVE!!

  2. Not sure how you get chafed on your neck?!?! WTF were you wearing?!?! Personally, I'd also like to see the inappropriate chafing as well. Okay, I'm kidding.

    Also, GO MATT with the baking!!!!

    1. I HAVE NO IDEA! But, OMG. Hurts SO bad. Showers-- SOOO painful. And, w/ where the inappropriate chaffing is, there's a very high chance it'll still be there when we come up in a few weeks-- so, if you play your cards right and buy me dinner (b/c I'm CLASSY!), I just might flash you so you can see the good stuff. ;)

      But, for real-- it hurts. Like crazy bad. Stupid chaffing.

      Would you ever have thought Matt would BAKE A PIE?!?! I was amazed. He's still on cloud 9 from pride. So manly.

  3. I had some major long run chaffing issues after my run on Saturday. I got in the shower and yelped! Oh the BBBBUUURRRNNNN! I have never used body glide before - maybe I'll try it. I definitely have sports bras for long runs and sports bras for not so long runs. I didn't choose wisely this last time. SUPER proud of your 16 miles! You are going to be ready for a marathon in no time and then for an ULTRA!

    cute pie making btw :)

    1. LOL. I have seperate bras for each too!!! I thought I was weird-- but, well-- I guess now I can think we're both weird! :)

      Ummm... you did not just mention ME and an ULTRA in the same sentance. Noooooo way. Not for me. Ugh! Just the thought of that makes me cringe and my shins hurt! LOL.