Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15 miles and a bloody hand later…

Before I left for StL, I knew I wasn’t going to get a run in all weekend. So, like any rational OCD runner I decided to take Monday off JUST so I could still get my long run in. Yup, totally normal.


So, I dragged myself outta bed at 7:30am on my day off. When I woke up I did not want to run. At all. Great sign when I was coming off of 2 days of complete rest. My body was achy, even with 2 days’ rest, thanks for moving big boxes all day Saturday. Still, I knew I really, really needed to get a long run in. So, off I went. Like an hour later. I was clearly already dragging ass. I finally got out for the run about 8:30. Within the first mile I knew I had a choice: run long and slow or just short and not-quite-as-slow. My legs were led. Definitely not good after 2 days with NO running, but it is what it is. Not every run is going to be a great run. That’s life. It was BEAUTIFUL weather—sunny, but cool… a little windy at times/parts, but overall—a great morning for a run. So, I decided to put my sleeve over my good ol’ Garmin and just run. No pace-pressure. Just run. It felt great! Sure, I could have pushed harder. But, I really, really enjoyed just running. At mile 5 I told myself just get to 10. By mile 10, I knew I could do 15. At 15, I honestly WANTED to do 1 or 2 more, but had to get home because I had a fro-yo date and I NEVER miss a fro-yo date. Please. So, I wrapped it up at 15. Felt great to feel like I still had gas in the tank, but also felt a smidge guilty that I knew that meant I could have pushed harder in pace. Could have and should have. Oh well. It is what it is.

I used a new handheld water bottle for the first time during this run and ended up with this:

Ok, maybe you can’t see that very well—but, I literally have bloody knuckles now. I look like a total BA who gets into fist fights… but, wtf? Is this normal? I loved having water so easily accessible and not having to map my route out around water fountains, but the bloody knuckles… not so much. I’ll try it again. Hopefully my hands just have to get used to it or something. The Hubs told me to just run with a rubber glove on my hand under it. Yeaaaah. Because that wouldn’t look weird at ALL.  

Anyway… 15 (slooooow) miles—done and done. 10:08 average pace.

I finished my day off with a not-very-fun ice bath (with a glass of chocolate milk and an apple!), a fro-yo date (1/2 red velvet and ½ cookies and crème fro-yo with reese PB cups. YUM!), a hair cut (she took WAY too much off! Why do they NEVER listen?!?!), cleaning my car out, laundry, and making/eating dinner. By 6:30pm I was BEAT. Did just hit the wall—like smashed into and took out the wall. The Hubs asked me at like 7 if I wanted to go get fro yo (yes, even though I had already had it once that day… so what? Like you’ve never had fro yo twice in one day!) and you KNOW I beyond exhausted when I said no (gasp!!). I literally go into bed at 8pm and was OUT by 8:30pm. Party animal over here.

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  1. You are the only person that would feel bad about ENJOYING a run. Just enjoy it, you dork! :)