Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend in Review: Bacon Cupcake Style

Wowza! It was a crazy weekend for many personal, family reasons I won’t go too much into here. I did get some good workouts AND some really good FOOD in, though! J

Quick recaps:
Friday—Still CRAZY sore. Just did 40 minutes on the Elliptical. I got to leave work early (woowoo!), so I treated myself to this:
LOVE slurpees. I haven't had one in MONTHS. Maybe even more than a year. 1/2 cherry, 1/2 coke. YUM.

Before doing this:
Usually the Hubs and I grocery shop together. He HATES grocery shopping, so since I got off work early, I did it so we wouldn't have to do it later. Best wife ever? For sure.

The Hubs and I then had (another) date night. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant. OMG. So good. Of course, we started with DELICIOUS bread and olive oil.

Then, we shared an appetizer of baked goat cheese in marinara sauce. Maybe my new favorite food. I am addicted. SO good. I just got a bowl of Minestrone soup, since I knew I’d eat my weight in bread, olive oil, and cheese. Mission accomplished. The Hubs got a shrimp ravioli dish that was outta control good. I stole several bites.

After dinner, we stopped for a Rebox (Mission Impossible 3, 4? Whatever the latest one is.) and we made a pit-stop to cash in a Groupon deal we got for a local cupcake place. We made it 10 minutes before close, so their stock was low. The Hubs got the only one he really wanted to try, though.

The bacon cupcake. Yes, that is actual bacon on the top of that cupcake. I tried a small bite... it was good, but I'd never want a whole one. The Hubs loved it. Loved. I got a carrot cake cupcake, simply because it was the only other kind they had. It was good. I'd never normally order carrot cake, but it was definitely tasty. And, it's healthier than regular cupcakes because it's made with carrots, right? Come on.

Saturday—Rain and wind destroyed my plan for a long run, so I gym-ed it instead. I started with 2 ½ SLOW miles on the TM to see how my legs were feeling. I’d be lying if I said it was pain-free… but, not too bad. I kept the pace slow and made myself stop at 2 1/2, so I think I played it pretty safe/smart. For me, at least. Then, I did a 60-minute CRAZY intense spinning class. Felt great! Loved every sweaty second. I did 8-minute Abs and 8-minute Arms when I got back before showering super quick and then heading outta town for the rest of the day for some quality family-in-law time. That night we, again, went to a fabulous Italian restaurant. This time I got the spinach ravioli and this time I could call it “Carb Loading” instead of “EATING!” Either way, it was damn good.

Sunday—Kicked the day off with a good, quality long run. I took it nice and slow and didn’t pay attention to pace at all. I was still not pain-free, so I didn’t want to push it.  13.1 miles is NOT pushing it, right?? J I did 8-minute Abs and 8-minute Arms with the Hubs when I got back to wrap up the weeks workouts.

The rest of Sunday was spent dealing with a fro yo trip (duh), a bunch of family stuff, eating some Mexican food, laundry, and icing & sticking the legs.

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