Friday, April 13, 2012

Rocking It

Nothing much exciting today. Woke up CRAZY sore from yesterday’s class. I (not so) secretly LOVE when that happens… what a great feeling!

I decided to skip an intense workout and go for a quick 60-minutes on the Elliptical at the gym instead.

It wasn’t until I finished my workout and walked by the mirror in the locker room that I realized how crazy I was dressed: bright neon green (which I love!), an old orange and blue Illini t-shirt, a light blue headband, and mismatched socks. I was rocking it this morning. Classic Meagan.

Speaking of rocking… It wasn’t until I was in the shower a few minutes later when I realized I have a ROCKING sports-bra chaffing scrape on my back. I’ve gotten them on my chest before… but, never my back! I thought about taking a pic of it... but, that would've been quite hard to do and I would have looked more than a tad ridiculous if someone walked in during that rocking self-portrait.

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