Thursday, April 12, 2012


Good morning!!! I’m on a runner’s hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! So, if I’m irritatingly peppy, blame the endorphins.

Before we get to the cause of my euphoric state, let’s back up to yesterday. During my lunch hour I went to the school’s gym to get a few miles in on their indoor track. 

I love running on the indoor track because it’s the PERFECT temperature inside, you don’t have to pay attention to curbs or sticks or anything, and it’s not BORING like the treadmill because usually there’s people playing basketball or other people on the track I can eavesdrop on. Guilty as charged. Our track goes 1 direction on the “even days” and the other direction on the “odd days”. Does anyone ever know what the date is enough to know if it’s an odd or even day? I’m lucky if I know what day of the week it is (which yesterday I did not… I thought it was Thursday all day. Turns out, it was only Wednesday. Boo.), let alone that actual DATE. So, I always rely on someone else and just go the same direction they’re going. Imagine my panic when there was NO ONE ELSE on the track. Danger! So, I picked a direction and off I went. A few minutes later some girl gets on the track and starts going the OTHER direction. REALLY? Come on. So, when she comes by me I ask “Oh! Am I going the wrong way?” She SHRUGEED and said “I don’t know”. THEN WHY DID YOU GO THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION?!?!? So, I turn around and run the same way she’s going. I got far too much satisfaction every time I lapped her. Which was several times, for the record. Not that I was paying attention to something so petty. I would never do such a thing. Oh, and I was still going strong when she called it a day. Not that I noticed. Again, I’d never pay attention to something like that. ;)

5 miles in 48:10 for an average pace of 9:37. Not great, but for having already done 2 miles and a spinning class that morning, I’ll take it.

Running in the middle of the day makes for a very happy Meagan. It also makes for a very smelly, sweaty Meagan which makes for not-so-very-happy co-workers. I win! J

After work I ran an errand (we got a new headboard for our bed!!) and then spent some quality time with my bff.
Oh, stick. You hurt so good.

Oh, and since the Hubs was working late (poor guy!), I watched some extremely classy and intelligent TV without him. 
Too blurry to make that out? LEGALLY BLONDE was on Oxygen. I couldn’t resist. Oh, come on. It’s a funny movie!

I was EXHAUSTED and passed out right at 9pm. I am a PARTY ANIMAL. Don’t be jealous.

The 5am alarm clock came way too early this morning, but I pulled myself outta bed and made it to the gym for my 5:30am Signature Strength class. Love this class. It kicks my ass every, single time. Maybe if I went more than once a week it wouldn’t? Nah. That’s too logical for me.

After too many squats, lunges, push ups, planks, and ab moves to count, I hit the treadmill. Before the class started I wasn’t going to run, but I decided right at the last minute to tough it out and told myself I could run slow. 30 seconds into it I knew I could push the pace. It was just one of those mornings. 2 miles in 16:47 for an average pace of 8:23. My fastest ever! Hence, the extreme runner’s high!! I finished 2 miles in under 17 minutes! Whaaaat?!?!?! I still VIVIDLY remember when finishing it in under 20 minutes seemed like it was impossible. LOVE it. LOVE running. LOVE endorphins. LOVE life.

Don’t do drugs. Just run.

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  1. You are such a dork, but I love your drug message!!! :) And what amazing paces! :)