Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Registered for Another Race!

Who just registered for the Annual Color Run on August 5, 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI?!?! THIS KID DID!!! I could not be more excited!!! I'm running it as part of a team with lots of old and new friends. It's going to be a GREAT time! I can't wait to cross that finish line COVERED in crazy colors!

Don't know what the Color Run is? Here's what their website has to say about it:

CANNOT wait!!! BIIIIIIG, giant THANKS to my friend Larissa for planning/organizing our team!


  1. This race looks like so much fun! So many people have been posting about it lately. I know that it will probably never come to Spokane so I will have to see if it is planned for Portland or Seattle. :-)

    1. I can't wait! I think it's going to be crazy fun... PLUS, the Hubs agreed to "run" it too!

      Hey-- if it never comes to you, just a really, really good reason to travel a bit! :)