Friday, November 16, 2012

15 Thing Friday

1. This movie. I cannot describe how excited I am to see this movie.

I mean... hello. This looks amazing. I could not be more excited. I saw Les Mis twice on Broadway the summer between my two years of graduate school when I interned in NYC for the summer and again last year in Grand Rapids, MI. AMAZING. Hands down amazing.
2. I can't get enough of apple slices and peanut butter lately. It's a problem. I've had it at lunch almost every day this week. Full blown addiction status. 
3. Mizuno tweeted me. My life is now complete.
4. I need the weekend to be here. Like now. I've been irritable this weekend and the smallest things are driving me absolutely bonkers. I need the weekend. I need Thanksgiving break. 4 glorious days off in a row. HURRRRRRY!
5. I'm working to reduce my caffeine dependency. Well, really I'm working to give up my beloved diet pepsi/coke/sprite/whatever dependency. It's just SO HARD. I've had a head ache basically all this week. Might be the reason the the irritable-ness listed in #4. I'm a genius. Anyway-- it freaking sucks. I'm at about 1 diet soda/day and 1 coffee/morning (during the week-- the weekends are like a free for all right now) which is WAY better. It was outta control before.   
6. I'm obsessed with this look.
She's just so stinking cute. I love Emma Stone. However, this look is just stunning. Love the skirt. Love the top. I could never pull it off. Ever. But, I'm obsessed with it. 
7. While we're talking fashion... I don't care what anyone says, I like this look.
I get that it's not exactly the most traditional look. Whatever. I like it. I don't really care for Kristen Stewart-- but, I'm loving this look. The dress (even the see-through part of it), the hair, the makeup-- it's just working for her. Love it.
8. Hostess is closing! No more Ding Dongs or Twinkies!
Noooo! What has the world come to??? Honestly, I don't even like Twinkies. I couldn't even tell you the last time I had one. YEARS. But, it's still kinda sad.
9. The Hubs and I got into an argument last night that I had every intention of bringing up on the blog so I could be vindicated when everyone agreed with me. It was something to do with a common phrase that we disagreed on how it was said. Now, for the life of me-- I can't remember what the stupid phrase was. Dammit! (Great story, Meagan. I know.)
10. What is with the world's obsession with Monkey Bread? Seriously. I've never had it-- but, it in no way looks appetizing.

I got an email with this recipe in it. Look at it. Ew. Just doesn't look appealing at all. And, I swear-- every other week I see a recipe for some variation of monkey bread. Wtf is with monkey bread? Is there crack in it?? And, while we're on the subject-- why is it called MONKEY BREAD? I don't get it.
11. I have no listened to Christmas music yet. I'm not against it this early-- but, I'm trying to hold out. It just makes it so much more special when I finally do type "N*Sync Holiday" into the station box of Pandora. 
12. The Hubs, the in-laws, and I are going to the Purdue v. Illini football game tomorrow. It's at U of I. I cannot wait! It's supposed to be 50* and sunny. Perfect football weather. Likely the last nice weekend. And, hopefully a surprising Illini victory that I can rub in the Hubs face for the rest of the year. Not that I would EVER do that. Ever. 
13. TV Show I can't get enough of right now? (source)
Love it. The Hubs says it's WAY too soap opera-esqe. Whatever. I love it.
14. Can't wait for Thanksgiving! Food! Family! Run! And a 5K-- The Bolt for the Heart 5K!!!!

Can't wait!! PLUS, 2 days off work!! Seriously. It's going to be a great holiday!!
15.I got nothing else. I'm out.


  1. I too have a Diet Pepsi/Coke addiction! I have tried several times to give it up but to no avail. Usually it is my husband and kids that go out to get a soda and bring it home for me. I think I get a little "crabby" when I try to go without it too.

    Monkey bread it really awesome. I know it doesn't look the best but it is amazing. I usually make it when we have overnight guests. It's a gooey sugar overload!

    1. It's SO HARD to give it up!!! I just LOVE diet pepsi!!!

      MAYBE I'll have to try this Money Bread sometime... MAYBE. :)

  2. GOOD FOR YOU on working on the diet pepsi obsession!!!! I think coffee and 1 a day is normal. The headache will pass - promise. Just gotta stick with it. I had this problem during'll be better soon!

    Agree with the Emma stone look - love the top. Disagree with the Kristen Stewart dress...maybe its just because she's wearing it??

    SO GLAD YOU HAD A PAIN FREE RUN!!! (Yes, I know that's another post, but I'm lazy.)

    Thanksgiving food!!! Can't wait!!!

    P.S. Aaron and I have those kind of arguments that I completely forget what they were about (but still think I'm right anyway)!!!! Further proof you need to move to GR!


    1. Hahaha! I FINALLY remembered what we were arguing about-- whether when you count seconds you say "One-one thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand" OR if you say "one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi". I say mississippi. He says thousand. I think I'm right. OBVIOUSLY. :)

      And, yes-- we do NEED to move to GR. I'm working on it. :)

  3. Haha, I was sad to see you the movie you are so excited to see wasn't the Twilight movie! I love Emma Stone too - but I like her as a red head better. Oh and you could totally pull that skirt off - no limitations! Monkeybread is delish and yes there is crack in it! Hope you are having a fabulous time at the game!

    1. HAHA... no, no Twilight for me!!!

      LOVE that skirt!!!

  4. I don't know what monkey bread is either and that photo does make it look super gross.
    I kind of laughed when I saw that Hostess was closing. How on earth could they be going bankrupt when I always see people shoving that crap into their grocery carts every week? My husband eats that junk all of the time. He was pretty upset when he heard the awful news. Wouldn't surprise me if the back seat of his truck has a stock pile.
    I love, love, love Emma Stone's outfit too. I also wouldn't be able to pull it off, but it looks fabulous on her.

    1. Glad I'm not the only monkey bread hater out there.

      AGREED about Hostess. I see people eat that crap ALL. THE. TIME. I've heard news today it'll likely get bought out, so tell your Hubby to dry his tears. Looks like twinkees will still live on.