Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goat Cheese and JGL... oh, and some running talk

If you know me, you know that when I get into something, I GET INTO IT. 100% obsession.

So, here's a few things I am obsessed with right now...

Goat Cheese and Artichoke Dip:

I've only had this dip once, but I've been CRAVING it since. And, it's been months. Note to self: MUST MAKE THIS AGAIN!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
(Lost the site, found on Pinterst. I suck, sorry.)

I mean... come on! He's my newest celebrity crush. Move over, Jason Mraz. JGL is just so cute. And a good actor. And all indie-cool. I just love him. Sorry, hubs.

No pic for you... yet! I'm scheduled to bake up a storm tonight for Thanksgiving. Cookies, pies, puppy chow (not technically baking, I know). Oh my! I love baking. I don't tend to eat a ton of what I bake... but, I love the process. And, seeing as how it's cookies and pumpkin pie-- I'm sure this time there will be plenty of eating involved too!

That's it. A full list of 3 whole things. My mind's just not working today.

In other news, I ran last night after work. I'm really into the quick post-work runs. Nothing crazy. Just a quick jaunt. I was back home by 6pm. Perfect! Though, I do think the whole working out at night thing is giving me MORE night-time energy which doesn't make for the easiest time trying to fall asleep at 9pm to give me energy to get up for the 5am gym classes. Hopefully this'll sort itself out.
Anyway, the run was kinda rough... my legs were clearly still very fatigued from Sunday's "long run." I tried not to focus on pace and ended up with a solid 9:15ish average pace. It felt good to shake them out a bit. My shins were SUPER tight and sore... guess the legs just aren't used to double digits anymore. LAME. The knee felt OK... felt like it was JUUUUST about to start screaming the whole time, but never quite did. Didn't feel 100%... but, definitely didn't hurt either. Guess that's a win?

This morning I went to Signature Strength. It was lame. And it was early. Too early.
Blurry locker room self-pic FTW!
I'm so over this teacher. She's just so damn chipper and up and energetic and ANNOYING. It's 5:30am. Take it down a notch. And, NO-- I do NOT want to do a "short tabata drill" in the middle of my STRENGTH class. Argh. Not a happy camper with this class.
I skipped my normal post-class TM run because my shins are still SCREAMING post-long run (which is so odd... it was outside! My shins never hurt after running outside! Boo!!!) and running on the TM makes them hurt even more. Plus, I'm HOPING to run at lunch today. And, I'm super pumped about said lunch run because I get to test out these suckers!
I won a free pair of Mizuno shoes from FasterBunny! I finally got them in the mail yesterday. I decided to go with the Wave Creations. I haven't tried them yet and I'm SO EXCITED to test them out today. They're not the cutest shoes in the world, which is definitely a big bummer... but, if they work-- I'll take em!
So, now I'm just waiting for lunch and for the rain to hold off so I can get a few miles in with the new shoes. Hurry up, "lunch" time!!


  1. I'll be baking tonight TOO! Twinies! Ugh - first of all, I admire your dedication to get up at 5 am. Second, I admire your restraint by not vomiting all over the perky chick. Perky is one thing but talking to you like you all are youngsters? I wouldn't be able to deal. Last, YES! Let's plan a run next weekend! I have no idea what I will be running but probably between 15 and 18 miles. p.s. your legs are speedy so you will need to slow a bit for your's truly! but it will be AMAZING to have someone with me for this distance who will keep me from cutting it short or skipping it ;)

  2. Sweet shoes! I wear my mizunos for cross training, but not for running. For some reason they feel like the run small to me.
    I just noticed that you also signed up for the #elf4health. Yay!!!! Maybe we will get partnered up?
    I kind of baked on Sunday, but now it's all gone. It wasn't me, it was the husband. Oh well. Good thing my mom is an awesome baker and we are going to my parent's house tomorrow in Oregon. :-)