Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (11/19-11/25)

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Weekly Workout Recap (11/19-11/25):
Monday, 11.19.12: 60 minute Spinning Class & 3 miles

Tuesday, 11.20.12: 60 minute Signature Strength Class & 4.2 miles
Wednesday, 11.21.12: 60 minute elliptical & 50 minute elliptical & 3 miles
Thursday, 11.22.12 (Thanksgiving!): 3.1 mile run & Bolt for the Heart 3.33 Mile Race
Friday, 11.23.12: Rest Day (unless you count SHOPPING as working out!)
Saturday, 11.24.12: 60 minute Spinning Class & 30 minute elliptical
Sunday, 11.25.12: 13.57 mile run

Totals for Week (11/19-11/25):
30.2 Miles Run
2 Spinning Classes
1 Signature Strength Classes

140 Minutes Elliptical

1 Rest Day

Overall felt pretty good this week. Less miles this week, but barely. The knee is holding up OK for the most part, but it still doesn't feel 100%. Felt good about not slacking on the workout front due to the holiday... definitely won't be the story over Christmas, so trying to keep at it while I can. Can't believe Christmas is exactly a month away today. Craaaazy.  


  1. Glad that your knee is holding up. I also can't believe that Christmas is so close! I need to start shopping ASAP!