Monday, November 26, 2012

(Mostly) Wordless Weekend Recap

I'm still suffering from too-much-turkey brain, so you'll have to settle for this (mostly) wordless weekend recap...


Too much baking!! 3+ hours straight. Made 2 pumpkin pies, 3 different types of cookies, and puppy chow. SO GOOD.

Nothing too exciting. Worked 8-5pm and then hit the road to Indy for Thanksgiving w/ the Hubs side. Got these 2 books from the library on the way.


Started the day off with a solo 3.1 mile run, then went with the Hubs and my FIL to the Bolt for the Heart 3.33 mile run. The Hubs ran the WHOLE thing!! So proud of him!! After the runs, there was SOOOO much cooking and eating. ALL DAY LONG. Delicious food. And wine. And beer. SO good. I didn't take a single pic. Too busy eating. And drinking. Duh.


Slept in and then went "black Friday shopping" at about 7:30am. Does it count if you don't go at the butt crack of dawn? Either way-- lots of coffee was consumed and lots of Christmas shopping was done.


Started day off with coffee and left over cookies with a side of SNOW!

 Headed to gym for Spinning and some quality elliptical (aka: Gossip Girl on the iPad) time.

After the gym, the Hubs and I went to the cheap theater to see Looper followed by some more Christmas shopping and errands. Then, we stopped for Mexican for dinner using a Groupon that was about to expire. Win, win. For the record-- the movie was good. See it.

Day started with a half marathon. Boom.

Followed by an excruciating ice bath. HATE them. Love them. But, hate them more.

Followed by an EXTREMELY lazy Sunday... HOURS of Gilmore Girls on DVD, followed by a super, super easy dinner via the crock pot (Just throw a couple chicken breasts, a can of black beans, a can of fire roasted tomatoes, and a couple diced jalapenos in and let them cook on low for 6 hours. Shred chicken. Let cook for about 30-60 more minutes. Serve over rice or in a tortilla or over chips or whatever.). Lazy, lazy GREAT day. To be fair-- Sunday we also put the Christmas tree up. So, it wasn't THAT lazy of a day... right? 30 minutes spent putting ornaments on a tree TOTALLY negates five straight hours of Loralei and Rory. Right?!?!?


  1. Sounds like a great break! Love the pics and love the recap. Nice job on the half marathon and dinner looks amazing!

  2. How did you feel for 13 miles??? Good? I hope so! I am jealous you put your tree up. We still haven't made it to the tree farm to get ours. I hope to get it this Sunday. Saturday will be busy with a playoff football game and my jingle bell run. If we get it on Sunday then I will have time to decorate too and it gives me all week to nag at my husband to take the decorations out of the storage. :-)

    1. The 13 felt pretty good. Knee was definitely not 100%, but definitely not what it was either. So, progress is happening, I suppose.

      Our tree is up-- but, it's a fake tree, so way easier. I'd LOVE to get a real one someday. We'll see! Have fun at the Jingle Bell run! Sounds fun!!!