Monday, November 26, 2012

This Happened Today

So, this happened today.

Poor, Hubs.

To be fair, it was only ONE pair of shoes. And, they were on sale. And, I got free shipping. I mean-- they were $20.21 after the discount. That's not bad!
Womens Christian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Camile Bow Flat

And, c'mon... I needed them. Well, as much as anyone can NEED another pair of shoes. See, I have black flats, but they have a gold buckle on them. I need a plain pair of black flats so I can wear silver jewelery with them. I mean... duh. It's like-- science or something. Hubs (who is a chemical engineer)--I'm kidding!! I swear I know this isn't science!! Don't divorce me!!

Anyway, so I bought these today. I figure I did my Cyber Monday Shopping duty. It was only right.

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