Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIAW - 11/28/2012

Peas and Crayons

That's right!!!! Time for yet another exciting round of WIAW, courtesy of our host... So, without further ado, let's get to it and check out my Tuesday eats.
Pineapple Greek yogurt is AMAZING. I really, really didn't think I'd like it and only got it the first time because it was the only flavor on sale (weird, right??), but OMG. I love it. Beyond love. Fully addicted. Add a few handfuls of Special K (as seen above) and it's a killer breakfast. So tasty! (Note: Also had a HUGE mug of unpictured coffee.)
Nothing exciting here. Turkey sandwich on low-fat wheat bun with spicy brown mustard (my favorite!!), carrots, apple, and a handful of sour cream and onion Pop Chips. Diet Cherry Coke on the side (still going strong on one a day... for the most part!). B-O-R-I-N-G.
Caught. Red handed. Whatever. Candy's too good to give up. I had a snack size peanut m&m pack and have no shame!

Crockpot Mexican chicken. SO easy. Put 3-4 thawed, raw chicken breasts in bottom of crock pot. Add can of drained black beans and can of fire roasted tomatoes. Add 1/2 packet of taco seasoning. Add sprinkle of garlic or onion salt. Cook on low 6 hours. Shred chicken. Add back to crockpot and cook on low for 30-45 more minutes. Serve about a million different ways... I had mine on brown rice with a good squirt of Siracha on top. They Hubs had it in a tortilla as a soft taco. So, so good. Oh, and for the record-- I didn't have that diet pepsi in the picture! That's the Hubs drink. I had a flavored water. One diet soda a day-- going strong!!

We were gonna go for fro yo, but we're trying to limit the whole fro yo habit a bit, so we didn't go. These are a FAR CRY from fro yo, but they're still pretty good. And suprisingly big for just 110 calories.

Night Snack:
(Forgot to take a pic-- blogger fail) Big bowl of air-pop popcorn. I don't even buy the microwave bags anymore, unless it's to keep at the office. The air-popped kind is just so much better. Trust me. Buy an airpopper. It's a big, bulky appliance, but SO worth it.


In other news, I did it! I got out yesterday during my "lunch hour" and did 6 miles!

I realize my Garmin says I only did 5.3 miles. I did 6, I promise. Stupid thing (I love you, Garmin) took .7 miles to find satelite! Crazy!! Anyway-- I did them! In about a 9:30 pace. Not bad!! The weather was perrrrrfect! 

I know it seems cold.... and it is... but, it's also my FAVORITE weather to run in. I love the cold nose, long sleeve, tights needed weather. Love it.

When I got home after work I even did another 3, to make my daily total 9 miles! Not too shabby for a random Tuesday! Longest I've done mid-week since marathon training. Post-run I did Jillian's 30-Day Shred (aka: MURDER! Girl is SO HARD CORE!!). Turned into a solid workout day. LOVE that.

After my quick run and quality Jillian time, I made a quick dinner and then watched Gilmore Girls reruns before making a trek for some FRO YO!!! They have ROASTED MARSHMALLOW flavor.
How's that for self control?? I posted that on MONDAY and didn't actually get to try it til TUESDAY. I'm a beacon of self-control. Anyway-- back to the FRO YO. So, so, soooo good. Delicious. I got mine with graham cracker dust (I think it'd be better as graham cracker chunks, but it was still good) and reese's. Even the Hubs tried and loved it, though he got his with chocolate chips instead of reese's. His looked darn good too. Might have to try that next time. Would tonight be too soon?? :)


  1. I LOVE my air-popper! I used to have a bowl nightly, I think I may pick up that habit again since I'm trying to wean myself off of all the sugary treats I'm finding myself eating more of at night.
    I'm posting a carrot salad recipe tomorrow that has greek yogurt and pineapple in it. It really is an incredible flavor combination!

    1. Isn't it the best appliance!?!? Love it!!

      Ooooh! Intersting... carrot salad w/ pineapple... hmmm.. definitely gonna have to check that out! Sounds like it might be a good one to bring for a work potluck or something!

  2. I love your recipes for the "quickie" meals. Of course, as Kara and I have mentioned, you do everything efficiently so I am guessing it would take me a lot longer. BUT this chicken dish sounds amazing! Nice mileage! I'm trying to decide if I am going to give the whole run during lunch a go. I hate getting all sweaty but it might be worth it a couple days a week simply to get some Vitamin D and avoid constant left turns at the indoor track!

    1. OMG! It was SOOOO easy to make! And, YUMMY!

      And, you should totally try a mid-day run. They're never the best pace-wise for me (I think my legs just love the AM), but it's SO NICE to get outta the office and away for a bit. And, don't worry about getting all sweaty-- it's amazing what some baby wipe and a lil' dry shampoo'll do!

  3. What a GREAT run!! :D

    I absolutely adore the pineapple greek yogurt too!
    Have a great thursday :)

    1. Thanks! :)

      OBSESSED w/ the pineapple kind. Glad I'm not the only one!

      Happy Thursday to you!