Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I need help!
This morning my alarm went off at the usual 5am and I didn't even think about getting up. I immediately told myself "It's ok... you can work out later... 1 missed workout won't kill you. It's no big deal. Just go back to bed." So, a quick reset of the alarm later and I was back asleep. Dooooooh.
Ok, I get that this isn't THAT big of a deal. But, to me-- it kinda is. It's happening more and more frequently. About once a week, pretty regularly. I USED to never do this! I used to get up the moment my alarm started going off and never even THOUGHT about skipping the workout. My booty was out the door before I knew what was happening. Not anymore.
Lately, I'm DRAGGING.  It's just SO MUCH HARDER now that it's cold out! It's just so nice and toasty under the blankets and so, so, soooo cold out of them.
I'm finding it easier and easier to talk myself into not going in the morning. Excuses are becoming easier and easier to come by. NO GOOD.

I know, in my head, that I LOVE working out in the morning. I know that. I know I feel so much better all day when I get out there in the morning. I know I have more energy and just feel better all day. My brain knows that. Sadly, at 5am-- my brain just isn't working and it's just SO MUCH EASIER to roll over and go back to sleep.


So, here's my challenge to myself. Get up and get to the gym before work the rest of this week. 3 more days. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Just 3 more days. Then, next week-- get to the gym 4 of the 5 mornings. That's already giving myself 1 no-early-morning-workout day. Maybe KNOWING I have a day I can sleep in guilt-free will help with the other days. Kinda like a diet cheat day (though, for me-- every day's a diet cheat day. I mean-- let's be honest.) We'll see how this works. Worth a try, right?

Now, in the meantime-- if I skip the whole getting outta bed early to workout thing that does NOT mean I get to skip the whole working out thing period. There are many other hours of the day other than 5am and plenty of time to still get the workout in. No excuse. Or so I keep telling myself. it's (again, warning-- excuse coming) just so much easier to find SO MANY reasons not to workout after work. Headache, too tired from work, hungry, time with the Hubs, deserve to relax, upset tummy, and a million others.


If I skip the morning workout, I hereby, publicly declare that I WILL still workout (beacuse if you say it pubically it's gotta happen, right??). Period. NO excuses.

So, today at lunch I'll get out there for 4-5 miles. Then, after work, I've got a 3 miles and Jillian date on the books. No excuses.

Maybe, just maybe, if I keep saying that I'll actually do it. Stranger things have happened, right??



  1. You are such a goober! First of all, I think the plan of letting yourself sleep in one day per week is a solid one. Especially the guilt-free part. Would want to take this as your rest day? If not, I sincerely doubt you will be skipping the rest of the day. You have a ton of dedication and you enjoy it too much. Cut yourself some slack or else working out will become more of a chore and that's never fun!

    1. UUUUGH! I know, I know. Buuuut- guess who skipped the morning gym AGAIN today??? Aaaaaahhhh!!! I don't know what's up w/ me!!! BOOOO. Oh well. Like you said-- just gotta cut myself some slack. Doesn't really matter WHEN I get the workout in, as long as I get it in. :)