Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (11/12-11/18)

Decided to do fun inspirational quotes/pics for a while instead of quotes... I'd site them, but most of them are random Pinterest finds where it's pretty much impossible to find their first source... but, I'll try.

Weekly Workout Recap (11/12-11/18):
Monday, 11/12- Spinning & 2.5 miles & 3.25 miles & leg exercises
Tuesday, 11/13- Signature Strength class & leg exercises
Wednesday, 11/14- Spinning & 2.5 miles & leg exercises
Thursday, 11/15- 6 miles & Jillian's 30-Day Shred

Friday, 11/16- 6.25 miles
Saturday, 11/17- Rest Day
Sunday, 11/18- 11.25 miles & 8-Minute Arms & 8-Minute Abs & leg exercises
Totals for Week (11/12-11/18):
31.75 Miles Run
2 Spinning Classes 
1 Signature Strength Classes

1 Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred Session
1 8-Minute Ab & 1 8-Minute Arm Session
1 Rest Day

Over 30 miles of running! WOOWOO! Man, it SUCKS getting so excited about that though. 30 miles a week used to be NOTHING. Being injured just blows. Losing fitness levels, not being recovered enough to do much more. BLEAH. Over it. I'm trying to stay positive and just be grateful I can run. I'm trying. And, I am. I'm SO grateful! I just miss MY RUNNING. Not this bogus injured style of running. I FINALLY got a solid double didgit long run in. Man, I missed that! I CRAVED just lacing up and heading out for a LONG run and that feeling you have after it. Nothing compares. No spinning class or weights and definitely not the elliptical. I'm making progress, though. My mileage this week is up from last week. That's a big plus. And, I've even gotten some "speed work" (aka: just really pushing pace in my 2.5 mile little morning runs) and a "long run" in. Progress is happening. The knee's slowly feeling better (I hope). I'm STARTING to sloooowly get excited about the idea of the Illinois Marathon. Haven't registered yet... but, it'd definitely starting to sound like more of a possibility. 

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  1. Great job Meagan! I finally got up to 20 miles for the week. Look out world, lol. :-)