Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Talk at the Gym

I'm crabby today. I’m just putting it out there. Nothing has really caused my crabbiness. I’m just plain old crabby.

The day started off normal enough… gym at 5:30am for the typical Signature Strength class.

But, it wasn’t “typical”… or maybe it was… whichever-- it just annoyed me, I know that. The instructor is also a kindergarten teacher in her real life and I swear if she talks to our class like we’re little kids one more time I’m going to lose it. Seriously. She uses BABY TALK. At the GYM. No. Just no. She's been teaching for about a month and half the people who used to go to this class religiously have stopped going. She was teaching both the Tuesday and the Thursday class and they've already given the Thursday class to someone else. AHHH. I just don't know how much more I can take. She honestly said "Somebunnnny looks slwwweeeeeepy today" to me when I yawned like 2 minutes into the warm up. I cannot take it. I don't have the patience.

On the bright side, I did wear a new pair of gym shorts to the class today.
I got them from the outlet mall on Saturday for less than $10-freaking-bucks! SCORE. I mean... I don't know if you remember this, but I ran a marathon. And, it even happened to be THIS marathon. Win, win. I showed the Hubs them when I got home on Saturday night and he was all "did you need more gym shorts?". Ooooh, men. I didn't "need gym shorts"-- but I definitely did NEED these suckers! :)

I was going to run after class, but 3 steps in I realized things just hurt too much. My legs were jello from class and since I went out for an extra run yesterday after work (3.25 miles... GARMIN-LESS! Woah! I don't even know who I am!?!?!) I think my legs were just screaming for a rest. Sad since a few months ago that would have done nothing to my legs... but this f-ing knee is still acting up and I'm just not in marathon-running shape anymore. I'll get back there, but today it was really discouraging. This whole injury thing is a constant mental battle. Some days I'm OK and some days I just want to cry! I AM running a little now, which is GREAT... but, it's SO HARD to see how far I am from where I was and to have it STILL HURT. I just wish I felt 100% all ready. I know it hasn't been THAT long. I know I'm being a whiny baby. I KNOW. It's just a bad day. It'll fade.

Anyway, after my failed run I went to shower and (of course) dropped a bottle of shampoo RIGHT on my toe. And, it hurt. And that sounds SO lame, I know. But, DAMN-- sucker was full and it just hurt! And, then I spilled coffee like all over. Just a bad morning.

Then, some other random annoying stuff has just grating my nerves the rest of the day. Obviously, I'm not really giving any details so it's super hard to have any idea what I'm talking about... I'm just venting. Vent over.
Clearly this doesn't really make sense, but it's TOTALLY related to why I'm annoyed today. ARGH.

Ok... NOW venting is over. Promise.

Oh! One GOOD thing that did happen today: a student is doing an internship at some random company that is giving away free sunglasses... just take a look at these beauties and tell me they wouldn't put a little smile on your face too...
So, there was that.

Anyway... I'm hoping i can get a few miles in AFTER work today... partly because I'd like to keep building my mileage up, but even more because I feel like I just GOTTA get out there. I'm SO crabby I think a run'll really help. We'll see.

Hope your Tuesday's better than mine. :)

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  1. I was crabby yesterday too. Must have been something in the water. :/
    I got a purple fleece at the NIKE outlet right after I ran the Portland Marathon. I think that the wanted $80 for it at the expo and I think I paid $10 or less for it. I was excited! :-)