Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Randomness

My brain is all over the place right now, so it seems fitting to share some incredible random thoughts...

I'm watching Season 3 on Netflix right now. I've never been a HUGE fan... but, I enjoy it overall. Well, most of it. Ready for the crazy in me to come out? I legit fast forward through the musical numbers. Of GLEE. A song ALL about musical numbers. Yup. I watch the SHOW part and skip the music parts. It is helping me SPEED through this season in record breaking time, though.
Oh, and even WEIRDER... I actually DO like the Glee music and frequently listen to the Glee Pandora station and every have downloaded several songs from iTunes. I just get bored through those parts of the show. FREAK. I know. 
Continuing to talk about Glee... where do these kids get all these f-ing slushies?
Did your high school sell slushies? Seems like a terrible idea to me. Who wouldn't see the danger in that? It'd be like decorating a college dorm with pumpkins in the fall. College kids just LOVE to throw and break pumpkins. LOVE. Anyway, my high school most definitely didn't sell slushies. Am I alone?

Ok... moving on from Glee...

I'm SO over the elliptical. I mean... it has legit become a hate-hate relationship. Nothing good comes from it. Boredom doesn't begin to describe. How can I run for HOURS and not get bored, but STRUGGLE through even just 45 minutes on the elliptical, even with magazines to occupy me??

Totally random? I realized this week I get the song "Never Smile at a Crocodile" from Peter Pan (the Disney version-- duh) stuck in my head at LEAST twice a week. I sing it to myself FREQUENTLY... like, several times a week. WTF is wrong with me?

I went to Signature Strength today and OMG... we have a new instructor for Thursday mornings. First of all, he's a man. Clearly, that shouldn't mean much. But, I realized today I've never gone to a group fitness class with a male instructor before. Ever. Dude KICKED MY ASS. I mean... he was intense. Pushed the whole class. Hard. My arms are still weak and shaky. And-- I LOOOOOVED it. Now, I KNOW a female instructor can (and has and will in the future, I'm sure) lead just as effective of a class. For sure. So, regardless of gender... I'm just so, SO glad we have a new, amazing instructor for Signature Strength. I'll definitely be going every Thursday morning now.

Ok... done rambling. Happy Thursday.


  1. I have never once watched an episode of Glee. Am I really missing out on something good?
    Male fitness instructors are insane. We had a sub when I was working out with my personal trainer last year and he was brutal. He was also yummy eye candy. I didn't mind when he taught the class..... ;-)

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