Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIAW - November 14, 2012

Ready for another not so exciting round of What I Ate Wednesday??

Get pumped.

 Yup. Nada. Work was busy, I got distracted, blah, blah. Well, ok-- I did have a HUGE cup of coffee... does that count??
We had an event at work that included a lunch buffet... I had (left) steamed veggies, carrots in a dill sauce (yuck! I only ate 1 of them), this weird eggplant wrap thing (with the stick... again, gross-- I ate 1 bite.), a small piece of grilled Italian chicken (I went back for 2nds of this), 1/2 a twice baked potato, mashed potatoes (I only ate 2-3 bites) and blackened salmon (ate about 3/4 of this piece). I went back for another (unpictured) plate and got more Italian chicken and another kind of chicken and a small piece of prime rib. Everything was SMALL pieces (except for the salmon) because they were taster sizes. Everything except the DELICIOUS mint brownie (right). YUUUUM.
  TERRIBLE picture. I'm a bad blogger. The Hubs and I met my father in law for dinner at a local Italian place. We all split an (unpictured) appetizer... some sort of fries with meat sauce marinara and cheese... sounds weird, but it was freaking good. Then, the Hubs and his dad split a pizza. I went for the kids mostaccioli. I love when restaurants let me order off the kids menu. It's so much cheaper and the portions are still always plenty big. The above is actually my LEFTOVERS (which I'm having today for lunch). Portions at restaurants are outta control.

I spent the rest of the night foam rolling and doing my leg exercises/stretches and icing the knee all while watching part of the Michigan State basketball game (go Big Ten!). SO glad college basketball is finally here!!!


  1. That grilled chicken from lunch looks good! Glad you were able to find some good things on the buffet. Some people just cave and eat everything in sight. Lol.

    I'm glad basketball is here too. OSU basketball is WAY more exciting than OSU football.

    1. LOVE college basketball. My team just had a (another) BAD football game this weekend which just reminded me AGAIN how excited I am for BASKETBALL!!!