Friday, December 14, 2012

15 Thing Friday

1.    I am so beyond ready for the weekend. If I get through this day without slapping someone, I’m gonna call it a win. I'm just putting that out there.

2.    I saw this product on this girls blog and now I wanna try it. It takes next to nothing to get me interested in a new beauty product. I'm a total sucker for a good review.

3. I ran yesterday at lunch. I ran FAST. Well, fast for me. 6.2 miles (because why just do 6 when you can do an official 10K?) in 52:16 for a 8:25/mile pace. WHAAAT??? A sub 8:30 pace? WHAAAAAAAAT??? I'm still in shock and not 100% convinced it actually happened. Maybe I dreamed it? #proof
Ok, so I'll admit that doesn't quite LOOK like proof, but it is! See, it took my Garmin til my turn around point to catch satelite, but I am 100% certain I was running just as fast (if not faster) the 1st half of my run than the 2nd AND the 1st half was DOWNHILL while the 2nd half was uphill. So, I'll calling it. #proof.

4. Speaking of running, I ran this morning too! I'm on a roll! And... it was fast again! However, today's was an intentional "speed" workout. Woah. I'm so official and shit.
I ended with 6 miles in 52:50 for an 8:48/mile pace. I finished up the workout with a 15-minute cool down on the elliptical.

TWO sub 9:00 6-mile runs in a row? WOAH. I don't even know who I am. Don't worry-- I'm sure it's a fluke.

5. Let's stay on the running theme for another second, shall we? I officially met my 2000 in 2012 goal! I'm currently at 2009 miles total for 2012.
So, I'd say that officially means I'm shooting for the 2012 in 2012 goal! I mean... I only have 3 more to go. If I don't meet this goal, we have some serious problems on our hands.

If/when I meet my goal, it will mean that I will have officially averaged 5.5 miles PER DAY, EVERYDAY for the ENTIRE YEAR. That's freaking crazy. I mean... isn't it? Like, totally, legit crazy. I'm speechless about it.

6. I bought this Luna bar at the grocery store yesterday. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds so good!

7. I have TWO holiday parties TODAY. Lunch and dinner(ish). By the time I got to bed I'll likely weigh 5 more pounds than I do now. I'm pretty OK with it.  

8. And, officially surprising pretty much no one, this article says philosophy is one of the most unwanted degrees by employers. Shocker.

9. LOVE this look. The dress is beyond cute-- it even has pockets! And, the shoes and hair and makeup... love it.
Amanda Seyfried

9. People out there have named their babies the following ridiculous names this year: J'Adore, Yoga, Excel, Burger, Espn, Hippo, HToo. What does this even mean?? Seriously?? WTF is wrong with these people? I think if you choose to name your baby one of these names your child should get taken away from you. How would YOU like to go through like with the name HIPPO? Seriously.

10. I would like to make and eat this entire cake immediately please. This girl constantly makes the most delicious looking desserts, but this might take the cake (get it?!?! I'm so funny.). Seriously. Drooling.

11. I have spent an unnatural amount of time researching all things dogs in preparation of us possibly getting a dog. As in, HOURS. I've read too many articles to count on potty and crate training... even though we think the dog we're getting is already trained on both. Wtf is wrong with me? If I'm like this with a dog, God help poor Hubs when we have a baby.  

12. Forbes magazine has named Britney Spears the highest paid female musician of 2012. This makes me happy beyond belief. I love me some Britney and am SO happy to see her have she shit together again. There were some dark days before.

So glad to see her back to the Britney we all know and love.
 13. I spent 30 minutes looking through banana republic, the gap, the limited, and old navy's websites to include a link to something I want to get and NOTHING screamed out at me. Seriously-- I must be in a funk today.

14. I cannot believe it's already mid-December. Where did this month ago? I swear, Thanksgiving was last week. I swear.

15. It's Friday!!!!!!!!


  1. I have had a " I need to slap someone" kind of week! Thank you mother nature. Fortunately no one was hurt. :) Congrats on meeting your goal. Very exciting.

  2. My week was not good. Not good at all. Already feel nauseous thinking about this week. Boo. :/