Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 2: Elf4Health

So, by now you know all about the Elf4Health challenge, right? Excellent. So, let’s just get straight into the Week 2 Recap.
W2 D1 (Monday, 12/3): Eat 25-30g fiber. Done! Success.
W2 D2 (Tuesday, 12/4): Eat w salad with homemade salad dressing. Sorta done. I did have a salad... I did not make my own dressing. So, what is that like a 50% success? Man... if that were a grade, it'd be a big, fat F. I wouldn't say I FAILED... I'd say I only kinda succeeded.
W2 D3 (Wednesday, 12/5): Pack a healthy snack for you and a friend. Didn't happen. In fact, quite the opposite happened. I had a bad day. It happens.
W2 D4 (Thursday, 12/6): Lift weights and try an exercise you've never done. Fail again. I definitely worked out this day... but, it was a running day. No weights for me. FAIL. Buuuut, I did go to Signature Strength of Tuesday and did several new exercises and really pushed myself.   
W2 D5 (Friday, 12/7): Go makeup-free. Fail again. Man! I really didn't do great this week. I work in a pretty professional atmosphere and I just don't feel comfortable going bare-face to work. Maybe it's silly, but it's how I feel. I did however intentionally go makeup-less on Sunday while the Hubs and I ran errands and had people over for a dinner party. So, I wouldn't say I FAILED this challenge... I'd say I adjusted it to make it my own.
W2 D6 (Saturday, 12/8): Plan meals for upcoming week and write workouts in planner. Well, I didn't use a planner (b/c I don't have one other than my iPhone or my work Outlook calendar) but I did make a plan!
So, I'd say Week 2 was less successful than Week 1, but still good. It's definitely more of a struggle than I expected it to be simply because I have to remember to look at what the challenge is before that day and really make it a priority. It's been great, though! I love that it's helping me focus on staying healthy (& even just stay sane!) in many different ways during this crazed holiday season. 
So, what's coming up in the #elf4health challenge? Well, we got new elves yesterday! I'm emailing mine today (Hi, Mandy!). It was sad to say "goodbye" to our Week 1-2 elves. So, I won't. I won't say bye.... I'll just say, talk to you soon! Hear that, Martha? You're not getting rid of me! :) I'm excited to press forward into Week 3, though. Speaking of Week 3, here's a snapshot of the upcoming challenges...

Monday: Track your water intake. Try to drink your body weight in ounces of water.
Tuesday: Clean out and organize fridge/pantry. Get rid of expired & unhealthy things.
Wednesday: Eat 3 servings of veggies by 2pm.
Thursday: Buy coffee for the person in line behind you. Or, treat a co-worker to lunch or snack.
Friday: Workout with a buddy.
Alright, week 3. Let's do this!


  1. I didn't do so well last week either. It happens to the best of us. I am trying to stay positive and motivated for this week. I chugged 132 oz of freaking water today. Starting off like a rock star. :-)

    1. At least I'm in good company then! :)

      Congrats on owning the water challenge! You ROCK!!