Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2 runs, some music and a lil' basketball talk

Yay for it being Wednesday already!!! Happy Hump Day!!!
This week has been DRAGGING, so I'll take the mid-way point any day! The Hubs and I have big plans this weekend-- holiday parties, seeing some out of town fam, a new tapas restaurant to try out, maybe ice skating, I'm proctoring another exam, and (of course) big long run plans! I'm planning to mix it up this weekend and am going to try to do back-to-back long (but not toooo long) runs, Saturday and then Sunday. We'll see. However the runs pan out-- the weekend can't get here soon enough.

Speaking of running, last night I got out for a quick 3.75 (I did 4.25 miles at lunch, so the weird distances were to make it an even 8 for the day) miles after work.
Surprisingly, it didn't feel TOO rough to keep the sub 9 pace even with TIIIIIRED legs. I went to Signature Strength yesterday morning and OMG. Killed. The annoying teacher is GONE (YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!) and the Thursday instructor who I love and is crazy hard core is now bother Tuesday and Thursday. EXCELLENT! But, man oh' man! Killed me. Seriously-- it hurt to move my arms to shampoo my hair after. Crazy. Anyway, the run at lunch was ROUGH (10:00 pace), but the run after work seemed to be weirdly easy. I think a lot of that has to do with running inside on a track versus outside. I know people say running inside on a track or TM is SO MUCH EASIER because you don't have any elevation and blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I disagree. The TM and indoor track are SO MUCH HARDER because it's mentally SUCH a bigger battle. Anyway-- I ended the day with 8 miles. Pretty good for a Tuesday!
Oh! And, I made a new playlist last night and thought I'd share.

I don't do the whole run without music craziness, so mixing up the playlist is essential to me.
After the run and making a new playlist and packing lunches for today and making and eating dinner (phew!), the Hubs and i watched the Purdue basketball game. They finally won ! A boilermaker victory ALWAYS makes for a happy Hubs. My Illini team also won yesterday... though apparently (I didn't watch) it was too close for comfort. C'mon, boys! We've actually got a good team this year, so that's exciting!! So far, we're UNDEFEATED! And, RANKED!! #13, baby!!! WOOWOO!!! I feel like this MIGHT just be my year (FINALLY!) to win the me v. the Hubs bet: Purdue v. Illini basketball game. The loser has to do the dishes for a week. C'mon Illini!! This is our year. The game's not til January 2, so we'll see then!!


  1. I agree that TM runs are harder. Too bad I really HATE to be cold and feel the need to run on the TM in the warm gym instead of hitting the streets. I always warm up after the first 2 miles I am outside but it's hard to talk myself into getting out there and starting.

    1. TM runs are so much harder! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!!

      I hate to be cold too... but, I actually kinda like this weather-- upper 30s to upper 40s. Perfect running weather to me! Now, much colder or w/ snow-- different story!!!

  2. Awesome playlist- I am going to snag some song ideas from you! My alma mater (Eastern Washington University) is hosting Illinois State in a playoff football game on Saturday. Made me think of you! :-)

    1. Thanks! I love changing up my music!

      Fun football!! Buuuut, I didn't go to Illinois State... I went to the University of Illinois. But, still-- yay for football fun! :)