Monday, December 10, 2012

Best Hubs Ever and a Fun Weekend

Another fantastic weekend in the books!

The weekend started off with quite possibly the cutest email from the Hubs ever.

Now, to be fair-- we have sent similar emails to each other before. For example, I once sent him an email from the "Wives of America Association" telling him that it was "Husband Weekend!" so we could do whatever he wanted all weekend, which ended up meaning I did the grocery shopping alone, we ate LOTS of pizza, watched LOTS of college sports and movies, went on a long walk and did NO cleaning or errands all weekend. Lucky duck.

But, I digress-- the Hubs started the weekend off with a bang by emailing me a super sweet invitation for a date night for Saturday! We'll get to the actual date in a sec, but I just wanted to start by giving him MAJOR kudos and husbands points for being so sweet to not only PLAN a "date night" but also for emailing me this super sweet invitation. 10 bonus points for the Hubs!

Back to the weekend-- Friday night started off BUSY! I had ONE of my work holiday parties (there are THREE!). The Hubs had to work at an out-of-the-city site for work all day that is about an hour away, so I knew he wouldn't make it in time. Boo! Oh well. I got to party solo! Yummy appetizers, drinks, and fun with co-workers!

By the time the party was done, the Hubs was still caught at work (boo again!), so I went grocery shopping solo. Don't tell the Hubs, but I kinda actually like grocery shopping alone sometimes. No one to rush me and I can walk up and down every aisle! I ALWAYS end up spending more when I go alone though, so for our checkbook, I'm glad we usually go together.
Quick run down of what I got (top left, clockwise-ish): Chobani Greek Yogurt, brie, onion, fresh mozzarella cheese, frozen broccoli, apples, chocolate chips, cuties, shredded parmesan, popcorn kernels, lasagna noodles, low fat ricotta cheese, dish soap, FiberOne granola bars shredded mozzarella cheese, frozen spinach, WW ice cream bars, frozen yoplait Greek yogurt, & asparagus. Full disclosure: there's also a cube of diet pepsi and diet sprite on the bottom. Can you tell we made a veggie lasagna yesterday?

By the time I got home, the Hubs was just getting home too. A quick change into PJs and a bowl of ice cream later and we were curled up on the couch with a RedBox. Sadly, the Redbox I rented (Brave) didn't work, so that was a bust. Oh well.

Saturday I was up early to proctor another exam for some extra cash. Basically, I get paid to sit and watch 17 year olds SWEAT as they take the ACT or SAT. This time, I planned to grade a STACK of papers and do a little blog-reading catch up.
Again, the morning didn't quite go according to plan. The test had a TON of no-shows and unfortunately, they didn't need my room so after getting all set up I was sent home with a much smaller pay check. Booooo.

But, since I was done with proctoring way earlier than I thought, I had time to get my run in before errands!

11.25 miles in 1:45:54. A 9:14.mile pace! I was pretty happy with that!!

Immediately after getting home I did a quick round of 8-minute Abs and 8-minute Arms.

My knee was acting up more than I'd like and more than it has during the run and it didn't really let up much during the post-run strength work. NOT good. It made me a bit crabby, but after a shower, some icing, and some foam rolling I felt a little better. I admit that I've been kinda slacking on the icing and rolling front the past week or so. The knee felt better so I kinda stopped. DUH MEAGAN. It feels better BECAUSE you've been doing it! Sometimes, I'm not so smart. So, I'm back at it and have confidence it'll be back better soon.

Anyway, after the post-run routine the the Hubs and I went to a local pet shelter's adoption event.

We didn't leave with a dog... but, I think things exciting things may be happening and we may be adding a fur-child to our family soon. Fingers crossed!

After dog-shopping, it was college basketball time for the Hubs and cleaning/bread baking for me.
Recipe found here. It turned out delicious and SO easy to make! Thanks for the suggestion, Kara!
Before I knew it, the Hubs and I were off for our date night! Ice skating and dinner! 

Ice skating was so fun! I love doing it at least once every winter. It's just so wintery and festive and FUN. When I was little we lived on a lake and when it would freeze I would bring my WalkMan and ice skates out and make up routines to songs. I thought I was SO cool. I'm sure in reality I fell about 10 times per minute and looked like a complete spaz. Ooooh, memories! Anyway- back to reality. We ice skated for about an hour and had a blast.

Ice skating made us work up quite the appetite. I was SO excited for dinner. The Hubs knows I LOVE tapas restaurants. I just love trying lots of different things and tapas is perfect for that! Anyway, so he found a new tapas place about 45 minutes from our house in Goshen, Indiana called Kelly Jae's Cafe. We got there at about 7pm and there was no wait-- good thing too because I was HUNGRY!

  The place was SO cute! The interior had exposed brick walls and white Christmas lights everywhere. SO adorable! 

The Hubs and I pondered the menu for a while.


We finally decided on: Stuffed Dates with duck sausage, goat cheese and bacon, Chicken Wontons, Cheese Dip Trio, and Papa's Fritas.

The food was good! It wasn't GREAT, but definitely good. A little pricey for what it was, but still good. The atmosphere was great and we just had a great date night.

We were still a smidge hungry when we left (hey! don't judge!), so we knew exactly where to go on the way home.

Phew! I can't believe I haven't even gotten to Sunday yet!

Sunday was equally eventful!

I started the day off by sleeping in a bit and then setting off for another long run! I had 10 miles in my mind to break 20 for the weekend.

Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. It was cold and windy and raining and just GROSS. I stuck it out for 6 miles before calling the Hubs and asking him to come get me, even though I was only like 1/2 a mile from our house. I was just O-V-E-R it. I was over being wet and cold and the idea of running another 5 minutes home seemed unbearable. Luckily, he happens to be the world's best hubs so he came to get me. I was shocked when I looked at my pace to see I averaged a 9:21/mile pace. I thought I was going WAY slower than that. Crazy!

After finally warming up it was home to prep for my baby sister and her boyfriend to visit so we could have our own little holiday party just the 4 of us.

Good drinks, good food, fun gift, a funny movie (SANNNNTA!!! I KNOOOOW HIM!!!), and the best company. PERFECT night.

So, that was our weekend! PHEW! Now that I'm re-reading all that I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


  1. What a sweet husband! I give him 10 extra bonus points too! My husband and I need to do more things together. We have been living totally different lives/opposite schedules lately. I go to bed early and I go to work early. He stays up late and is still in bed when I get up. If I see him it is maybe for an hour when he gets home from work. Oh well. Hopefully we can do something fun this weekend. I like ice skating, but I am always afraid of falling and breaking something. I am so not coordinated! It doesn't help that my freaking sister in law was a junior Olympic champion in figure skating. She gets paid $100 an hour to teach little rug rats how to skate now. So jealous of her!
    I have that Brooks shirt too, but in grey/short sleeve. We have awesome taste!
    Have a great week sweet friend!

    1. Awww!! I'll have to tell him you gave him extra points! He'll be thrilled!!!

      Me and the Hubs are on totally diff't schedules during the week too. I go to bed at 9, he doesn't til 11. I get up at 5, he gets up at 7. What can ya do??

      OMG! YOU KNOW A JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAMPION?!?!?!? How cool!!! I'm sure she freaking ROCKS! I'm lucky if I only fall like once every 10 minutes! LOL!

  2. What a great weekend! I don't even know where to start! First of all, I love ice skating and what an awesome date night/invite. Btw, I loved your idea for him as well. I like how you two look out for each other = me happy! Also, have you noticed how "Cuties" taste better than Clemintines? I finished off my cuties and they only had the other kind. I was bummed but bought them anyway. Oh and ready for this? Last year was my first ice skating adventure ever! And I bet your routines were awesome as a youngster!

    1. Cuties > Clemintines anyday! WAY better.

      HOW have you only ice skated once??? Last year was the Hubs first time too!!!! You two are so weird! You both grew up in cold climates too!!! Goofballls!

      LOVE YA!