Saturday, December 8, 2012

Search Me

People find blogs all sorts of fun ways. I like to find interesting ones through other's blogrolls. Sometimes I find a good blog from people who comment on a blog I've already found. Sometimes through a story about another's blog on a blog I already follow. Sometimes even through a simple Google search.

Common things I type in Google when searching for new blogs: running blogs, healthy lifestyle blogs, fitness blogs, gym blogs.

NORMAL searches.

What do people apparently search to find MY blog?

Prewedding Fight
Wait... the Hubs and I didn't even get in a pre-wedding fight. Did we? Do I not remember? I mean, there was the whole me giving him the finger pre-wedding, but that wasn't a FIGHT. That was a LOVING gesture. Really! We actually had a really lovely wedding with NO pre-wedding blow ups, thank you very much.
See! That's us. Happy. And officially married for about 2.2 seconds.
Meagan Sweat
Why yes, yes I do. I sweat in the morning, the afternoon, night. During the week, on weekends, on holidays. From running, from spinning, from strength, from ellipticalling. You even spelled my name right. You rock. Now... when can I sweat again?
And to think this isn't even a remotely sweaty workout for me.
Happy Birthday Baby Sister
Well, of COURSE! I mean, I have publicly wished my one and only baby sister a very happy birthday all of ONCE on this blog. Of COURSE it'd lead people here. Thanks, baby sister. And, don't worry, big sister-- a public birthday wish is in store for you too. Get pumped.  
And, yes-- this pic was to intentionally embarrass you. Did it work?? Maybe more embarrassing for me? Naaaah. 
Don't Judge Me
After the above pic, I don't necessarily judge you for judging me.
Chicago Marathon Recap
Ok. So maybe this one makes sense. But, did you really think I'd not take a chance to remind you about that time I ran a marathon? Remember? On October 7, 2012?

Glee Slushies
Really? I mean-- of all the people obsessed with Glee and Glee-crazy you were brought to my blog? I don't even like Glee that much. Sorry for your luck!

Excuses Not To Go To The Turkey Trot
There are none! GO! It'll be fun!! Go do it... next year.
Look! I went! I even did my own personal Turkey Trot before this! AND, we didn't even get bibs and it was STILL fun!!!!

All Things Emma Stone
Well, yes. I am obsessed with her. I'm cool with this search. Any way me and Emma Stone can be associated, I'm cool with.

Spinning and Marathon Training
DO IT! GREAT cross training! I just about lived in the Spinning studio during training... you know, when I wasn't running. So, yeah... this search is OK by me. I was guilty of going to a class or two during training.
For the record, Spinning NOT during training is just as sweet. Do that too. 

Jelly in the pants with Excitement
Um... say what? I got nothing on this one.

So, there you go. People find blogs ALL SORTS of crazy ways. Now... what craziness should I go Google to find a new blog???

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  1. The last one is a bizarre one! I look every once in a while to see what search terms lead people to my blog and generally most of the searches make sense. I have yet to get a bizarre one. :-)