Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf4Health: Week 3 Update!

Time for Week 3's Elf4Health update!
First and foremost- I have a new elf! While I already miss this girl, my new elf, Mandy, is super sweet. She's blog-less (for now!), so I can't give her an official shout out, so this'll just have to do. Hi, Mandy!! Keep up the hard work!!
Now, onto the challenges of the week!
Week 3, Day 1 (Monday): Track water intake and try to drink your weight in ounces of water.
Nailed it. I drink tons of water all day long at work, so this wasn't too hard. I did have to think about it after I got home that night, though.
Week 3, Day 2 (Tuesday): Clean out and organize fridge/pantry. Get rid of expired/unhealthy items.
Rocked this one too! I'm naturally a neat freak, so there wasn't too much to clean, but I did go through things and make sure nothing was crazy old or gross. We still have some not-so-healthy items like ice cream and cookie mixes and stuff. Hey, life's all about balance, right? 
Week 3, Day 3 (Wednesday): Eat 3 servings of veggies by 2pm.
FAIL. I didn't have a single veggie by 2pm. Wah wah. No excuses. Just didn't do it. Bad, Meagan.
Week 3, Day 4 (Thursday): Buy coffee for the person behind you or treat a co-worker to lunch or a snack.
 Major success! Not only did I buy bagels for my whole office (receipt on left), but I also bought the car behind me breakfast (receipt on right). When I told the barista I wanted to pay for the person behind me, she asked if I knew them and when I replied no and that I simply was trying to pay it forward she was speechless. It felt absolutely amazing to do something so randomly nice for a stranger. And, it's somehow really cool that that person will never know who I am or be able to "repay" me. I would have never thought to do something like this, so I'm SO glad this was the challenge of the day.
Week 3, Day 5 (Friday): Workout with a buddy.
I'm gonna call this one a win, too... even though it's stretching it. I don't really have a workout buddy in the area I live. BUT, I did reply to the wonderful Elle and had a virtual buddy! I ran 6 miles and did 15 minutes on the elliptical in the morning. Maybe there wasn't a friend on the machine next to me, but I definitely wouldn't say I was alone... I knew all the other elves were sweating somewhere too!
*This was also an incredibly sad, sad day for our nation. One of the other elves challenged us to add a challenge of reflection for those who lost their lives in Connecticut. I also participated in this un-official challenge. I still do not know what to say about this day's events, so I won't try to say anything about it here. I'm still just completely speechless and just so saddened by it.*   
Week 3, Day 6 (Saturday/Sunday): Donate to a holiday charity in your area. 
  BIG success! Ok, so maybe this was technically on Friday-- but, still. My department at work adopted a family through the Salvation Army. I not only donated money, but also helped shop and got to drop off the gifts and food at the Salvation Army.
Overall, I'd say Week 3 was SO much more successful than week 2. I payed much closer attention to what the challenges were before the start of each day and really worked to make sure I met them.
On to Week 4! Challenge's for this week...
W4D1 (Monday, 12/17): Do a circuit workout today.
W4D2 (Tuesday, 12/18): Treat yourself to something you've been craving!
W4D3 (Wednesday, 12/19): Bake cookies!
W4D4 (Thursday, 12/20): Make a casserole for dinner.
W4D5 (Friday, 12/21): Pay it forward!
W4D6 (Saturday/Sunday 12/22, 12/23): Going to a holiday party? Have a healthy snack before, choose water, adn split dessert.


  1. I have failed with the veggies too! I also failed with buying coffee because I don't usually go to Starbucks in the morning and then I just got busy and forgot. I am bad. Way too many things going on now. So far this week I am doing good :-)

    1. Agreed! I'm already ready for the weekend!!!!