Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (12/17-12/23)

Weekly Workout Recap (12/17-12/23):
Monday, 12.17.12: 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 miles

Tuesday, 12.18.12: 3.5 miles & 60 minute spinning class & 1.5 miles & 15 min. elliptical & 1 mile
Wednesday, 12.19.12: 4.15 miles & .85 mile walk & Jillian 30-Day Shred (L2)
Thursday, 12.20.12: 60 minute signature strength class
Friday, 12.21.12: 60 minutes on elliptical
Saturday, 12.22.12: Rest Day! (Out of Town)
Sunday, 12.23.12: 4 miles

Totals for Week (12/17-12/23):

16.65 Miles Run 
2 Spinning Classes

1 Signature Strength Classes
1 Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred
75 Minutes Elliptical

Well, if last week was an intentional step back week, I'd say this week was kinda an unintentional one. I just could not get motivated and had so much other crap to do. Maybe it's all the holiday craziness? Either way, not my greatest week, but not toooo bad.  Still managed to get a few decent runs (including a speed session!!) in and a couple classes. This next week's not gonna be any better, either. Again, I'm blamming it on the holidays. And, I'm OK with that. I'd much rather spend time with loved ones over the holidays then be trapped at a gym on the treadmill. Yeaaah, definitely OK with it.

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  1. You got in some great workouts Meagan! Training over the holidays is always hard. I had to cut my run yesterday in 1/2 because my family showed up early. I was irritated, but then it was Christmas so what can you do? Just stop running and start drinking mimosas!

    This is a new week and a new start :-)