Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf4Health: Week 4 Update!

Alright, so I'm just putting this out there right from the start-- Week 4 kinda sucked for me. Not because the challenges sucked or anything... I just kinda sucked it up. I didn't focus on it and didn't check the next days challenges the night before and just got busy and blah, blah, blah <insert random extra excuses here>. After rocking out Week 3 so much I had higher expectations of myself for Week 4 and just kinda bombed. Oh well... it is what it is, I suppose. There's always Week 5, right?
So, without anymore moaning and complaining, here's the run down for Week4 Elf4Health Challenge.
W4D1 (Monday, 12/17): Do a circuit workout today.
Ok, so maybe I didn't do this on MONDAY, but I did do it the next day so I'm calling that a win. Challenge completed in the form of good ol' Jillian Michaels. To me, Jillian's 30-Day Shred is the circuit world's Queen Bee. It's quick. It needs minimal equipment. You can do it from home. It combines strength, cardio and core. Done, done, and done. Love her.  

W4D2 (Tuesday, 12/18): Treat yourself to something you've been craving!
I don't know if I would really say this WW ice cream bar (at a whopping 80ish calories), but I was craving it and I did eat it, so I'd say I treated myself. Challenge completed. Boom.

W4D3 (Wednesday, 12/19): Bake cookies!
No go. I wasn't gonna bake cookies just to bake cookies and didn't need them for anything and so, challenge failed. Wah, wah.

W4D4 (Thursday, 12/20): Make a casserole for dinner.
Fail again. Womp. The Hubs worked late and I had to go fill out the paperwork for Sadie and we have SO MUCH leftovers right now that we need to eat up since we're heading outta town for the holidays. No casserole made. The hubs ate at work and I had left over brown rice with some scrambled egg whites. SO EXCITING.
Same "I FAILED" pic from last week, but ya know... same thought. FAIL.
W4D5 (Friday, 12/21): Pay it forward!
Big, fat failure again. Didn't get coffee on the way to work. Didn't buy anything all day. I mean, I guess I could have gone somewhere and gotten something just for someone else, but that didn't happen. Call me a Grinch, I suppose.

W4D6 (Saturday/Sunday 12/22, 12/23): Going to a holiday party? Have a healthy snack before, choose water, and split dessert.
I mean, I don't have any holiday parties this weekend! So, fail--but, not by choice! Buuuut, in full disclosure, I have had several holiday parties this season and didn't eat a health snack, choose water or split a dessert for any of them. #whoops

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  1. I failed again!!! Why are my weeks so out of control? All I can manage is to make myself look presentable, get myself to work, clean/cook/take care of the dogs, and workout. Anything else I can't manage right now...including a simple freaking challenge. I did graciously bow out for this next round. :/