Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!
Hey-- at least it's not Monday.
But, before we talk about Tuesday, let's talk about Monday.
I'm trying SO HARD to get up in the morning and hit the gym at my not-so-usual-anymore 5:30am group classes. It's just SOOOO hard sometimes. Monday was one of those times. I didn't sleep great and when I found myself up at 4am, I knew 5am wasn't gonna happen so I reset the alarm for 6:30 and tried to get a bit more shut eye. Stupid. I never really got back to bed so I should've just gotten up and went to the gym at 5am. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh well.

After a busy day at work I decided to hit the gym for a 5:45pm Unleashed class. What is Unleashed again?

Basically, it's similar to an Insanity type workout. Insanity (and Unleashed) = insane. Just for the record.
Anyway, the class didn't start til 5:45pm, so I had a little time to kill. Enter, treadmill.
Yes, I was rockin' compression sleeves.
I was a little nervous to even attempt to run, since I ran long Saturday and then got 6+ in again on Sunday. So, I set it for just over a 10:00 pace and hopped on. I was pleasantly surprised to feel great! I felt like I was going SO SLOW, but kept the pace steady and just called it a warm-up before the class started. I got 1.5 miles in in just under 15 minutes. Slow, but felt great! It's crazy how sometimes that pace can feel like I'm CRAWLING and like I could carry on a full conversation with no problems and sometimes that pace feels like death. Oh, running. That's why I love/hate you.
Me post run, but pre-Unleashed.
5:45pm rolled around and it was time to head to the gym for Unleashed.

I always know this class is rough, but I kinda forget just how rough til I walk in and see all the stations and then it all comes flooding back. Burpees, squats, lungs... yeaaaah. Intense.

Just how intense? Well, below was the WARM UP.
100 jumping jacks, 50 alternating lunges, then ran 2 laps SPRINTED around the gym.
100 jacks, 40 alt. lunges, 2 laps.
100 jacks, 30 alt. lunges, 2 laps.
100 jacks, 20 alt. lunges, 2 laps.
100 jacks, 10 alt. lunges, 2 laps.
Not a math major? That ended up being:
   - 500 jumping jacks
   - 150 alternating lunges
   - 10 laps sprinted around gym
As a warm up.

I was chatting with the Hubs after and we both agreed-- that should be called part one of the workout rather than the warm up. For real.
Back to the class... after completing the "warm up" (aka: part 1 of the workout), we got to the actual workout.
All stations done for 2 minutes. Complete first part, then second, then repeat until timer goes.
Station 1: 10x Wall Balls, 10x Tap Jump with Ball  (Note: I used 25 lb ball)
*1 minute break*
Station 2: 20x KB Swings, 5x Burpees (Note: I used 20 lb kball)
*1 minute break*
Station 3: 10x Clean & Press, 15x Deadlift (Note: Not sure what weight the bar was I used... I think 20.)
*1 minute break*
Station 4: 10x Knee Ins, 10x Push Up (Note: Completed on medicine ball, which made it so it was basically like a 2 min. plank too. UGH!)
Station 5: 2x Carpet Pushes across gym, 20x Jump Squat
Station 6: 10x bicep curl (I used 10 pound weights), 20x push ups (with help of risers)
The warm up and that workout too about 43 minutes. I peaced out after that. The class actually kept going with a few on-the-fly exercises to make it a full 50-minute class (+ 10 more minutes of cool down/stretching), but I just was POOPED. Plus, I knew I was going to Signature Strength this morning and didn't want to completely slaughter my muscles before then. I was dripping in sweat though! 43 intense minutes! LOVED it.


Since I left about 15 minute early, I got home right around 7pm. The Hubs was just finishing up his dinner and some paperwork around the house (paying bills! Thanks, hubs!). I reminded him that he had the name of the day! You know what that meant...
Our favorite fro yo place gives a free cup of fro yo to you if you have their name of the day. So, we headed straight to fro yo right after I got home. DELICIOUS!

If you notice, I said we went RIGHT after I got home. As in, no dinner between then. WHOOPS. I ended up having some air popped popcorn post fro yo while icing my knee and then a handful of almonds and chocolate chips. Dinner of champions? My tummy was not too happy with that decision and was in full on-revolt mode by bedtime. Whoops. Next time, I promise to give you food with actual substance ok, tummy? Good.

That brings us to today! TUESDAY, TUESDAY, TUESDAY!!! Hey, it's ONE day closer to Friday!!!

I started the day of at the gym with a 60-minute Signature Strength class that KILLED my arms and abs! Wowza.

Post class I decided to try the TM again, since yesterday it went well and since the strength class didn't have TOO much legs (though I'm sure I'll still be crazy sore tomorrow). I did 2 miles in 18:04. I went back and forth for the first mile for 20 seconds at 9:30 and 40 seconds at 8:42. Then, for the last 1/2 mile I started at 8:30 pace and increased it ever :30 seconds. Ended up being an average of a 9:02/pace. I'll take it!

Kinda random end of post story: The Hubs texts me every morning to say good morning (vomit, I know) and to see how the gym went. Today I replied that it went good and that I did signature strength and then 2 miles in 18:04. Below is his reply.

 He's so goofy... but, I love him. :)


  1. Your hubby is so sweet- I loved his hedgehog comment :-)

    Unleashed sounds crazy!!! I was tired just looking at your warm up. Great job and I am glad you liked it. Sometimes the classes that kick our butts the most are actually the ones we like the best.

    1. Agreed! I'm a firm believer that at the end of the day-- any workout you do is a great one!