Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 1 Elf4Health

Just wanted to quickly recap the first week of Elf4Health!

As a reminder-- it's basically an internet "challenge". You get partnered up with a random person (who becomes your elf and you theirs) who also signed up who cares about healthy living and such. You complete a challenge a day and give (and take!) encouragement from your elf and others via twitter, facebook, DailyMile, wherever.

So, challenge officially kicked off on Monday, after we were "introduced" (via email) to our elves (hi, Martha!) on Sunday.

Quick run down of the weeks challenges and how/if I met them...

Monday: Go Meatless
I killed it. Admitting, it was pretty easy for me as I go meatless a lot of days. Either way-- totally rocked this challenge.

Tuesday: Send a card or handwritten note to a friend.
Again--- nailed it! I sent 2 cards Tuesday and 2 more Wednesday. And, it made my day a few days later when I got the above text letting me know one of the recipients (one of my sisters) got the card and that it really brightened her day. Seriosuly-- I think I was happier that it made her happy than she was happy. Did that even make sense? Moving on...

Wednesday: Try a new workout.
Not to keep bragging, but my elf and I killed this one too! We exchanged workouts and the one she came up with for me is above. It was BRUTAL!

Thursday: Get up 15 minutes early to meditate and reflect.
No pics to share for this one... I'd say I "kinda" did this challenge. I mean, I TRIED. I didn't do it in the morning, but before bed I tried to meditate for a bit. I just suck at it. I keep thinking of other things and get distracted. Oh well. I did TRY.

Friday: Eat as many colors as possible.
Well, this one was hard because both my meals for that day were a bit out of my hands due to a work event and then plans with the Hubs. I did the best I could, but it wasn't the greatest. And, again- no pics. Blogger fail.

Saturday: Clean out closet and donate bag to Goodwill.
No pics for this one because it simply didn't happen. When we moved a few months ago we did a HUGE overhaul of our belongings and donated SEVERAL car-fulls of clothes, shoes, board games, a TV, books, DVDs and more. Everything we have left are items that we actually want/need now. I will do another closet clean out in a few months, but it's just been too soon since the last one right now.

So, that was week 1. I'd say I did OK. Not great, but definitely not bad.

Sneak peak at Week 2's Challenges:
Monday: Eat 25-30g fiber.
Tuesday: Have a salad.
Wednesday: Pack a healthy snack for you & a friend.
Thursday: Lift weights & try an exercise you've never done.
Friday: Go makeup free.
Saturday: Plan meals for upcoming week and write your workouts down in a planner.


  1. You had a good week as well! I also didn't do so hot on the color eating challenge. I have been so busy at work that I missed my lunch. That was 1/2 of my freaking colors! On Saturday I did a massive closet clean out and was able to do donate 3 garbage bags of clothes to goodwill. Now I can go shopping...right?!

  2. Great work with the first week's challenges! Meditating was hard for me too - I just laid quietly in bed to reflect on my day before falling asleep! Your recent closet purge/clothing donation totally counts even if it was a couple of months ago :) Keep up the good work!