Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Turns out, it didn't suck

Believe it or not, I DID make it to the gym yesterday.


And, even more shocking-- it didn't entirely suck.

I started with 3.5 miles on the treadmill, going for some speed-drills similar to the my last speed work session. (Stay tuned for time details...)

Then, I went to a 60-minute Spinning Class with the world's most annoying teacher. Seriously. She kills me. Her music is even worse. Legit-- half the class was had music with no words. Music is a make or break deal with me and group fitness instructors. This one broke her. Big time.

I was awaiting a friend of mine to arrive in town and she texted me half way through Spinning that she had just left and since she lives over an hour away I decided after Spinning to get another 1.5 miles in to make it an even 5 miles for the day.

By this time, I was on a full blown endorphin high so I decided to try to push it during this 1.5 miles. And, wowza-- did I. (Stay tuned...)

I decided t0 hop on an elliptical for a quick cool down. A few minutes in and my knee started to hurt. BAD. Part of me said to stop, but part of me said to keep going to see how it felt. 10 minutes in and it felt OK. I (maybe  a little stupidly?) wanted to see if running would make it hurt worse, so I hopped on the ol' mill for 1 more mile.

Turns out, it didn't hurt at all a few steps in so I decided to PUSH IT. Like, faster than I ever, ever have before.

So, how'd I do overall? Results?

Freaking B-A. At least-- BA for me.

3.5 in 8:18/mile pace.

1.5 miles in 7:57/mile pace. (WHAT?!?!? That # starts with a SEVEN!!!)

1 mile in 7:35/mile pace. (WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?)

And, I got in a 60 minute spinning class and 10 minutes on the elliptical.

I PUSHED it. This was TOUGH, but I was focused and dead set on beating my time each time.

And, I felt AMAZING afterward. I was exhausted and tired and my body hurt and everything in between... but, above all-- I was on the BIGGEST RUNNERS HIGH. I felt amazing. I felt PROUD.

Just goes to show-- even if you don't feel like working out-- GO! It may suck. It really may. BUT. Buuuut, it just may be freaking awesome.

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  1. Whenever I am tired, cranky or both and I don't want to work out I always have the best workouts. How does that happen?! Great job little lady a 7:35 mile is smokin'!