Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Judge Me

This weekend was a whirlwind!

Friday night the Hubs and I booked it outta town to head into Kalamazoo, Michigan (about an hour and fifteen away) for a friends birthday party. I happened to find a possible new couch for us on craigslist that was in K-Zoo, so we stopped to check that out on our way. Sadly, the guy sold it to someone else WHILE WE WERE THERE. Omg. I was so pissed. Had we driven ALL THE WAY THERE just to see the couch I would’ve been really ticked. Whatever. Luckily, it was on our way so it’s cool.

Plus, we got pizza after. YUM! I got a SUPER thin “Atkins” (btw, I’m TOTALLY against Atkins… I just wanted a thin crust) crust w/ BBQ sauce, chicken, grilled peppers (told you I was obsessed!) and onion, and low-fat cheese. AMAZINGLY good.

I only ate 2 pieces, I swear. But, let's be honest... that's only because I STUFFED myself with the below breadsticks. Worth. Every. Bite.

What was better than this amazing pizza? THESE:
OMG. OMG. OMG. Seriously. Best breadsticks evvvvver. If you’re ever in Kalamzoo, Michigan, go to Erbelli’s and order the pizza bread. You’ll thank me. I promise.

We had a great time stuffing ourselves and then hanging out with some great friends. Happy Birthday, L!!

After the bday festivities, we headed to Matt’s parents to stay the night so we could get up the next day to celebrate Father’s Day! 3 trips to the grocery store, jalapeno in the eye, some AMAZING food and even better ice cream sundaes. What more could you ask for in a holiday?

We went grocery shopping Saturday night when we got back into town and then chilled at home with left over pizza and a redbox.
This movie BEYOND sucked. Save your $1.28. Really. 

I passed out early in hopes of getting my 14 mile LR in, despite the impending weather forecast of storms all day.

Sunday I woke up at 7am to crazy rain.
Back to bed for me. I actually got outta bed around 8 and (because it was still raining) decided to go to the gym to try to get a few miles on the TM and a spinning class.

Got to the gym 35 minutes before spinning, so I got 3.5 miles in and went to Spinning.

I planned on doing 3 more after spinning, but about 5 minutes into the class decided I wanted to go for the full 14. So, I hopped out of the spinning class after 30 minutes and hit the treadmill again. I got the other 10.5 miles in with a bathroom break, a break to get a new towel (b/c I drenched mine in sweat) and a quick 10 –min elliptical break to just get off the damn TM because I was SO BORED. Even watching Pretty Little Liars didn’t keep me too entertained. Thank goodness for Netflix Instant, though. 
Why yes, yes that is Pretty Little Liars on Netflix Instant. Don't judge me!

14 miles, 30 minutes of spinning, and 20 minutes on the elliptical (I did 10 more min as a cool down after the run) and I was DONEZO. I was BEYOND over being at the gym. When I went to my car it was (of course) PERFECT running weather. A little warm. A tad humid. But, really—it would’ve been amazing. Figures. Oh well. 
I was CRAZY sweaty after this workout. Possibly the sweatiest I've ever been. I had to trade in for a new towel THREE times. Again, don't judge.

When I got home, I chugged some chocolate milk and then the Hubs and I did 8-Minute Arms and 8-Minute Abs. Ok, actually I tried to drink this WHILE doing the workout. That was interesting. Don't judge me. 
Love this old school DVD. The guys outfit is PERFECTION.

Egg Sandwich heaven for lunch on Sunday. The best meal EVER after a long run. Hits the spot every, single time.
2 egg whites with a slice of red fat colby jack on a TJ's sandwich thin. Baked tortilla chip and TJs salsa on the side. Yum, yum, yuuuum!!

After lunch, the Hubs and I went to see this crazy movie:

The Hubs had to bribe me with appropriate snacks. Duh.
White Cheddar Popcorn + SF Red Vines = MEAGAN IS SOLD!  
The Hubs LOVED the movie. I thought it was MEH. Very, very meh. At best. Just not my thing, I guess. Didn’t help that about 30 minutes before it ended a HUGE, KILLER headache came on. I realized then that I hadn’t had ANY caffeine all day. Now, this might mean nothing to you, but this is BIG for me. The headache kept getting WORSE and WORSE. When we got home I was in more pain than I’ve almost ever felt. Not lying. I chugged a Diet Pepsi and took 2 ibuprofen and laid down in our dark bedroom with a pillow over my eyes. And started crying. THAT’S how bad it hurt. No joke. I don’t know what happened or why it came on so fast and so intense, but OMG. Pain. Lots of pain. I laid there for over an hour. The meds and/or caffeine didn’t really help much. It hurt to move. I finally got up and had an English muffin pizza (thanks, Hubs!). The food helped. I could actually watch TV, as long as I didn’t move. I decided just to call it a night at 8:30 in hopes I would just be able to sleep it off.

It worked. I woke up today feeling 100% normal. Stupid headaches. Oh well. I survived.

Today I started my week off with a 5am gym session. Best way to start the week! 1 60-minute spinning class and 2 miles on the treadmill. I did another 3 miles on the indoor track and 20 minutes on the elliptical at lunch. 
Nothing super special about either run. I felt like I was (and meant to!) going WAY slower than that, but I’ll take it.

I also downloaded this song over the weekend:
It's just so catchy!!!! And, you KNOW you know the dance moves. Admit it. C'mon. I love it!

Again, don't judge me. Ok... fine. It’s OK. You can judge me. I judged me a little. I just can’t help it. I looove this song. No apologies.


  1. Thanks again for making the trek up for birthday celebrations =) YAY! Love you guys!!