Monday, June 25, 2012

Ikea, 10-mile run AND walk, and a Popcorn Fiasco


I can't believe the weekend's already over. BOOOO!! Luckily, it was a great weekend and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week. We'll see how long that lasts. I give it til about 10am.

I started my day off at the gym (shocker!) with a 60-minute Spinning Class and got good n' sweaty. Tons of climbs and lots of in and out of the saddle. I love the Monday morning teacher. Mainly because she plays Britney Spears and even "Call Me Maybe" sometimes. Also because she kicks my booty. But, mainly because of the Britney thing. Duh. I also did 2 QUICK miles on the treadmill at a 8:20 pace! I really pushed and was SUPER happy with the result. I'm hoping to someday be able to do 2 miles in 8:00s flat. We'll see.

But, let's back up and chat about the weekend before this peppy-Meagan-mood wears off...

I just REALLY had to work to remember wtf I even DID all weekend. Ok, let's start with Friday. Friday started off with a slow morning at work (it's summer, campus is so quiet!), but picked up when I left work at noon to drive THREE HOURS (ugh!) to meet two friends (including this girl) to go to Ikea and Trader Joe's! Yes, I did drive THREE HOURS just to go to a furniture store and a grocery store. Man, I feel old. Ok, it was more about getting to spend a few hours with amazing friends than about the shopping, but still.

We started at Ikea where I was thiiiiiis close to buying a new coffee table, end tables, and TV stand. They didn't have the coffee table in stock. BOO!! I was mega bummed. Oh well. I did walk outta there $80 poorer with a new lamp, 2 cutting boards, a wall magnetic strip for knives, 2 sets of curtains, and few other odds and ends. I'll call it successful. 

Then, we stopped at a DELICIOUS cupcake store I saw on the way in. YUM! We each got a different kind and shared them all 3 ways. Best decision ever. They were SOOO good! I even got the Hubs one to-go and got to snag a bite (or 2 or 3) of that one last night! Sadly, my phone died (DANGER!), so I got NO pics. Bummer.

Trader Joe's and dinner were next. TJ's never disappoints and a local Thai place next door was amazing too. 3 hours later, and I got home right around midnight and fell into bed immediately. For a girl who goes to bed at 9pm all week, midnight was crazy late.

Luckily, the weather the next day wasn't going to be BRUTAL, so I could sleep in til 7 and still get my long run in. 

10 miles later and I felt GREAT. The first mile was ROUGH and I started to tell myself just to do 8 and I could call it. But, by mile 5 I knew I could pull all 10 out. I finished my run just in time to make it to a 60-minute yoga class at my gym. I even had 10 minutes to spare so I got a quick mile on the elliptical in while Facebooking and Twitter-ing. Perfect morning. 

I got home, lunched, and then headed out for a LOOOONG, 7-mile walk with the Hubs. It was a GREAT walk, but MAN! My legs were SCREAMING by the end. So, naturally the only solution was fro-yo. Duh.

Saturday ended with a lazy night at home... pizza, wine and a redbox. Perfection! 

Sunday I got 80-minute of elliptical cross-training in. I was BEYOND bored. Not even the combo of a Cosmo, my book, and my iPad could make those 80 minutes barebable. Ugh! Oh well. 80 minutes of cross training-- done and done!

After I got home the Hubs and I wen out for a 3-mile walk. We went straight from walking to eating at a delicious local bar right on the St. Joesph river. The weather was GORGEOUS, so we ate outside. The Hubs used to HATE going for walks with me... but, now that I have the Garmin and he can get all "let's see how far we can go!" or "let's try to walk faster than last time!" geeked out about it, he's all for it. 

We spend the rest of the day Sunday going through our kitchen top to bottom-- we had like FOUR of the exact same frying pans. Who needs that?!?! With our big move coming up, we're trying to slowly go through ALL our stuff and purge, purge, purge. We just have SO. MUCH. CRAP. 1 room down! Sunday night we made turkey brats with grilled peppers and onions, fries, and green beans for dinner.

Later, we watched The Net on Netflix Instant. Gotta love old school 90s suspense movies.

The Hubs made popcorn... or, should I say, he tried to make popcorn and then we actually got to eat SOME of the popcorn.

Fail. It was quite the popcorn fiasco. Poor guy. He tries so hard. Let's be honest-- I still ate it. Hey, if it's 3-seconds for the floors it's gotta be like 15-seconds for the counter, right??

The Hubs got called into work at 8pm (EWWWW!! Poor guy!!), so I made our lunches, packed my gym back for today, and  watched a gory, amazing episode of True Blood (I'm a season behind... I just started on season 4! No spoilers!!) and then crashed by 9:15pm. I'm telling ya... I'm a wild child.  


  1. I miss spin class! I can't wait to get our gym membership back in September so I can start going again. I used to do the double class on Saturday mornings. It was great.
    I LOVE ikea!!! The closest one to me is 5 hours :-(

    1. Get it back?? What happened to it?? I technically belong to two gyms-- one at work and my actual gym. I've never done two spinning classes back to back, but I've done a run and then a class... brutal! I'm sure the double classes were killer too!