Thursday, June 14, 2012

I almost peed my pants in excitement

Let’s back up to Tuesday. Because it’s only Thursday which only makes me 2 days late. That’s pretty good for me.

Tuesday was BEAUTIFUL weather. Here. Don’t believe me? Check this sucker out.

Yup. 70* at 11am. Um, I’ll take that! I didn’t have any miles on the schedule, but KNEW there was NO WAY I could not take advantage of a forecast like that, so I laced up the ol’ Brooks at lunch and hit the road for a quick 5 1/2 miler.

It wasn’t fast, but it was gorgeous (albeit very windy) outside. I had a big smile plastered on my face the whole time. How could you not when mother nature gives you a day like this.

After I got back from my mid-day run, I got an email from the Hubs which said: “How bout $2 burgers tonight?  Watchasay?” I mean, how could I refuse? Easy, simple, cheap mid-week date night? Yes, please!

So, we burgered for the second week in a row. SO good. $2 for a burger and fries… you just can’t go wrong.  After we stuffed ourselves on bar food, we went for a 4-mile walk where we conveniently went by my favorite fro-yo place, so we of course had to stop. I mean… duh.

The Hubs has been working late a lot and I’m always gone before we wakes up and go to bed super early, so it was REALLY nice to just spend an evening together. Turns out, I kinda love the guy and enjoy his company, so spending time together is a nice perk to the whole marriage thing.

Wednesday started off with a crazy intense spinning class. My legs were jello after. Love that. I skipped the TM run after and sauna-ed it for 15 minutes instead. I also did 60-minutes on the elliptical at lunch and then the Hubs and I had our sand volleyball games last night. We lost. Again. But, we ALMOST won, which made it much more exciting than normal.

Even MORE exciting... at the volleyball courts I saw a guy walk by with a... wait for it... 2011 CHICAGO MARATHON SHIRT. I legit almost peed my pants in excitement. Seriously. I was like literally jumping around in excitement. Don't worry, the random guy didn't see me... I don't think. I must've told the Hubs 39 times (I wish I was kidding... ok, not really... but, the Hubs wishes I was kidding, for sure.) "Look! That guys wearing a Chicago Marathon shirt! Look! Look!!" I was FAR more excited about that than our near-win. Priorities, people.

I chose sleeping in over the gym this morning, since our second vball game started at 9pm, aka- my bedtime. I didn’t get to bed til 10:30 or so, so I knew the 5am alarm was not happening. I have 5 miles on the plan for today, so I’ll get those in at lunch on the indoor track.  

So, over Tuesday and Wednesday I got in some good sweats, ate a burger, fries, and fro yo (among lots and lots of other things), had a date night, enjoyed perfect weather, and-- SAW SOMEONE WEARING A CHICAGO MARATHON SHIRT. I'd say it's been a fabulous few days.


  1. you are cute! glad you're having a great week :)

  2. Great forecast, and great date night!
    Sand volleyball sounds like fun!