Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIAW - Round 8

Wednesday started off like every Wednesday: 5:30am Spinning Class. We only have 2 more weeks of Sand Volleyball left, so I'm looking forward to soaking in every second of tonight's game.

Anyway, while I drink my weight in coffee over a breakfast staff meeting, enjoy this week's version of What I Ate Wednesday, brought to you by our host, Jen. These are actually my eats from Monday. I'm random and can't follow directions so the whole "WEDNESDAY" part escapes me. :) 


Yup. You saw right. No picture = no meal. Please, pick your jaw back up off the ground. It was completely unintentional. I'm out of Greek yogurt and my boss came in my office right at like 8:15am and I got distracted and before I knew it, it was close to 11 and I was still crazy busy and I was going to the gym during my "lunch" at 11:30, so I just went with it (and had a diet coke... I admit it... poor life choice). I wasn't really super hungry, which is just crazy talk. I make it a point to always eat breakfast, so trust me-- this is NOT the norm. It happens every once in a while. Life happens, so you just gotta go with it sometimes.

Trust me, by 12:30, after my 3 mile run/20 min elliptical, I was FAMISHED and beyond ready to eat.

Lunch @ 12:30pm:

Salad with romaine lettuce, TJs FF feta (SO good, btw!), and 1 piece of reduced fat salami chopped up. The Hubs eats the salami evvvery day for lunch. It gave the salad a nice pop of flavor. I added the dressing in the pic to it too. LOVE that dressing. I also had a gala and a diet pepsi.  

Snack @ 2pm:

Have you seen these little mini luna bars? They're adorable! I can never eat a whole protein bar in one sitting... that's just too much protein for my tummy to take at once or something. Anyway-- these lil' mini guys are perfect! 70 cals and like 4g of protein. And, they're super yummy!

Snack #2 @ 4pm: I had every intention of having this glorious beast for lunch (yes, I did just call a banana a "glorious beast"):
10 bonus points to you if you noticed the stuffed banana on the bookeshelf. Don't worry, I wouldn't have eaten the banana where the stuffed banana could have seen me. I'm not that cruel.  

Anyway, as I mentioned-- I was GOING to have the above glorious beast... but, then I opened it to have all my dreams squashed.
Literally, more of this banana was bruised than not bruised. The other side looked even worse. Sad day. I pitched it (after I turned the stuffed banana so it wouldn't have to watch).

Dinner @ 6pm: The Hubs and I made a pasta dish that we make about once every other week. We're a smidge obsessed. It's super easy and delicious!

We mix up the veggies all the time. I prefer onion, broccoli and squash/zucchini... he wanted just red, orange, and yellow peppers and onions this time. Ususally we bake the veggies, but this time we just sauteed them on the oven with a spray of non-stick cooking spray. We added chopped up chicken sausages from TJs. They're pre-cooked, so all they have to do is warm up really. But, cooking them with everything else gives it all nice flavor.

While the veggies/sausage are cooking, we cook up some pasta. When the pasta is done, drain in and return it to the pan. Add some pasta sauce (we go SUPER fancy with the light jarred stuff) and, here's the special part that makes it SO good, add some goat cheese. We used about 2 ounces of crubbed goat cheese. Stir the pasta, sauce, and cheese up til the cheese melts. Add the veggies and sausage. Then, enjoy and eat (the 2 most important steps!).

DELICIOUS. How people stop eating pasta is beyond me. We made the whole box of pasta, the whole package of chicken sausage (4 big links) and used 3 peppers and 1 onion. Matt had a bit more than me (not as much more as you'd like, I'd guess) and we have 2 full meals left as left overs. The pasta box says it has 6 servings. Whatever. I was STUFFED after this. Based on my myfitnesspal app this meal had about 550 calories.

Dessert @ 7:30pm: Fro Yo eaten too fast to even consider a pic. Vanilla fro yo with Resse PB cups. My favorite. Yum, yum, yum.

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