Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIAW – Weekend Version

WIAW – Weekend Version

I decided since my weekday eats are pretty much the exact same week after week after week, I’d spice things up a bit for this WIAW (and, of course, thanks to our host!) and recap my day of eating from a typical weekend… so, here’s my Sunday in food:

Breakfast: We were in Indy for a wedding, so had breakfast at a local diner with Matt’s cousins and their 2 adorable kids before heading back home.

I had an egg white omelet with spinach and feta. THIS (left) is what it looked like. Seriously. It was at least 3 inches thick. It looked like a puffy, weird pastry almost. I was more than hesitant when I saw it, but dug in anyway. It was just OK. WAY WAYYYY too much feta and the egg tasted kinda weird. I ate about 1/3 and called it. I did however finish every, single bite of those pancakes (right). I had like 4 cups of coffee too. I mean... obviously.

Driving Snack:

A few (unpictured) pretzels and these Skinny Cow chocolates (shared the pack w/ the Hubs). And lots of gas station fountain diet pepsi.

After we got home I wasn't super hungry... that breakfast was BIG and I had those pretzels & chocolates in the car. The Hubs was making English Muffin Pizzas and that sounded perfect. 1 whole wheat (high fiber, low fat) English Muffin, some pizza sauce, and FF mozz cheese. Perfect, light "lunch".  

Another Snack:
On Saturday, in between the ceremony and reception, the Hubs and I hit up Trader Joes (yaaaay!!!). Sadly we couldn’t get anything cold or frozen because it was just too hot to stay good. Damn! But, we did get these suckers. Definitely good. Not GREAT. But, definitely good. I had a 4 or 5 for a quick snack. More because I was bored than because I was hungry. Just being honest.

Dinner: The Hubs and I cooked. We slightly followed a receipe from Rocco DiSpirito’s cookbook “Now Eat This”. We really just used it as a base. Into low-fat Tortilla Factory shells went grilled chicken (that we grilled on the George Foreman seasoned with chili powder, cajun seasoning and seasoned salt), black beans, fresh cilantro and fat free mozz cheese (the Hubs had low-fat cheddar cheese).
We wrapped them in foil and baked them for 10 minutes. I served mine on a bed of romaine lettuce (the Hubs said that we weird… I said it was delicious!) with like 1/10 of a diced avocado (which I realize looks like lime or a zucchini or something in the pic... it's an avocado, I promise!). OMG. SO good. Suepr easy to put together and SO, SO good. We had a small serving of TJ’s fat-free refried beans (sprinkled with FF mozz cheese) on the side with baked tortilla chips with a quick version of homemade guacamole (1 avocado, 1 diced garlic clove, some raw white onion, salt and some chopped jalapeños). SO amazingly good. The Hubs and I destroyed that guac.

This was the best (and SO easy!!) dinner we’ve made in a while. YUUUUUUM.

Dessert 1: Fresh strawberries and blueberries drizzled (ok, drenched) in Hershey’s SF chocolate sauce and topped with a scoop of frozen FF cool whip (try it frozen! Makes it have an ice-cream like texture… love it). Delicious.

Dessert 2: WW Chocolate Raspberry bar. I am addicted. Send help.

It was semi-impossible to "count calories" today... but, I was pretty happy with my overall day. I was VERY snacky and hungry all day, which really always happens the day after a long run. Dinner was GREAT though and I'm excited because we have several left over burritos for throughout the week! Bring it on!


  1. Mmmm...those pancakes look awesome!

    1. They were!!! YUM! You can never go wrong with pancakes! :)

  2. Those pancakes look SO good. No matter how hungry or not hungry I am, I always have room for pancakes!

    1. Agreed! There's always, always room for those fluffly little cakes of deliciousness!

  3. Homemade guac is unbeatable!