Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIAW, Round... ??

Time for another exciting round of....
Breakfast (9:15am):

Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt with a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios and looooots of coffee (with a splash of SF creamer) and water. About 240 calories.
Lunch (1:15pm):
A diet pepsi, roasted red pepper hummus (~2 tbsp), pretzel thins and TJ's air-popped chips (can't remember the actual name... but, they are SO good and mega low-cal), string cheese and carrots. About 310 calories.
Snacks (3pm):
Peach Chobani. I have a TON of Chobani's and they're ALL about to expire (bad Meagan for not checking expiration dates!!), so I'm in a mad-dash to eat them all before then. Game on. 140 calories.
Dinner (6:00pm):
Hubs Birthday Dinner!! We went to Bar Louie for $2 Burgers! BEST DEAL EVER. $2 for burger and fries. Ok, so you have to add $.50 for each additional topping... but, still. So cheap. And, so good! My burger had lettuce and blue cheese. I never liked blue cheese before, but somehow lately I can't get enough of the stinky stuff. YUM! I only ate 1/4 the bun and about 1/2 the fries to save a few calories. Delicious! About 600 calories.  
Dessert (7:30pm):
Too good for words. The Hubs LOVES this local custard place. OMG. So good. I got this Peanut Butter Monsterous thing above. Reeses + PB + Low-fat vanilla custard + whipped cream + a cherry. AMAZING. I only ate 1/2 of it. About 563248 calories. (And worth every, single bite.)    
Snack #2 (8:30pm): About 1/2 a serving of Baked Tositos chips and a small spoonful of salsa. No pic because it was an impulse eat and I honestly ate it without even thinking about it. Hate when that happens! About 95 calories.
Total for the day-- about 1390 calories + the monster dessert which I have no idea how many that is. Definitely not great, given the dessert... but, I'll take it for a day of burger and fries and custard eating.
And, of course-- thanks to our fabulous WIAW host!
As I said, yesterday (Tuesday) was the Hubs birthday!! WOOWOO!! Happy belated birthday, Hubs!
I started today (Wednesday) off with a 60-minute Spinning class.
Always fun and sweaty. I decided to skip the post spinning 2-mile TM run. The Hubs and I are on a summer sand volleyball league and the past 2 weeks the combo of spinning, running, and sand volleyball-ing have left me EXHAUSTED the rest of the week, so I decided to forgo the run. I got my miles in yesterday, so it's all good. Even better? Because I skipped the run I had time to get 20 minutes in the sauna in... heaven! I love sitting in the sauna. Perfect start to the day!

I'm excited for sand volleyball tonight! It's been TONS of fun and I'm SO glad we decided to do it. The Hubs was nervous to commit to it because he can need to work late at a moments notice, but he hasn't had to miss anything and it's been SO much fun. Ok, ok-- we haven't won a single game. But, whatever! It's FUN! I'm having a blast. I'd definitely suggest google-ing your local area to see if there are any summer leagues near you. It's a fun way to spend time together doing something different AND to meet some new people. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.  


  1. Just wondering if your forearms have recovered from volleyball yet?? Aaron is SUPER jealous that you guys are doing this together and looked longingly at me as if, to suggest, that we should do the same thing...

    P.S. If you wanted an opinion from your loyal fan-base, the green font is hard to read!!! Maybe I'm old? And pregnant? LOL

    1. Oooooh, Kara. Maybe you're eyesight is just going bad from old age? Next step, a walker? JUST KIDDING!!! I'll try to remember that and not use it again.

      Oh, and yea, my forearms recovered and aren't even sore this week! Tell Aaron he can come sub and play for our team!!!

  2. Stopping by from the link up! I love $2 burger night at Bar Louie! I usually ax the bun but add lots of veggies. And even though I try and eat lower carb, I almost always have to have their tator tots! I just share the basket, lol

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! My husband LOVES the tots!! Like, demolished all of them before I even finished pouring ketchup on my plate. I'm a french fry girl, but the tots do look tempting! :)

  3. I lovelovelove Ritter's frozen custard! We used to have one right by my house, but it closed a few years ago. Now there is one in Michigan, where my family lives, so when we go and visit them, we always make sure to stop to get some ice cream ;)

  4. That is a rockin' burger deal! If we had something like that my hubs would be going every Tuesday night, haha.

    1. Yeaaaah, he makes us go at least once a month! But, when out total bill is like $8 I can't complain! PLUS, the burgers are SO GOOD!!!!

  5. OMG that dessert looks ahmaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

    1. Trust me-- it waaaas!!!!! I could eat one every. single. day. Easy.