Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Never when I started this blog did I ever, ever, evvvvver imagine it’s actually go anywhere. I didn’t even think anyone (including the Hubs) would actually read it. So, you can imagine my completely and utter SHOCK when I got nominated for an AWARD!! What has the world come to? Wow! I am shocked and beyond humbled and super excited!

The one and only Amy at Recipe for Disaster must have gone temporarily insane when she nominated me for the Pink Tree award One Lovely Blog award!

THANK YOU, Amy!!! When I first start blogging I had NO expectations at all. I didn’t know if I’d like doing it or even if I WOULD do it for more than like 1 day. But, this lil’ blog o’ mine has really become something I love to do, has connected me with SO many wonderful running friends from all over the place, and has only further fostered my love for that crazy little thing called running. So, I am beyond excited about this award and am thrilled to accept it! THANK YOU, Amy!!!!  

So, to accept the One Lovely Blog award, I have to do a few things…
1.  Link it back to the person who nominated you – done and done. Check out Amy’s amazing blog if you haven’t already. She’s the bomb.
2.  Paste the award image to my blog, someplace – whoop! Again, donezo.
3.  Share 7 facts about myself (stay tuned)
4.  Nominate other blogs for this award: (I nominated Megan at Running Toward the Prize & Tasha at Healthy Diva. I read their blogs like every, single day. Amazing women. Check them out.)
5.  Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about their One Lovely Blog award nomination.


So… 7 facts about myself, huh? Here goes nothing…

1. I'm a big college sports fan. The Hubs is an even bigger college sports fan. Well, to define "sports" what I really mean is football and basketball. I went to the University of Illinois (aka U of I... GO ILLINI!!) and the Hubs went to Purdue. Enter Big Ten love. Come college basketball season, our TV is complete taken over by Purdue or Illini basketball games. Our wedding was the day of the Purdue v U of I football game. Purdue won. I had to listen to the Hubs and ALL his groomsmen (who also all went to Purdue) sing their fight song to me. Worst moment of the wedding. :)
The Hubs and I at an Illini basketball game. ILL-INI!!

2. I go to spinning at least once a week and still haven't bit the bullet and bought spinning shoes. Too pricey? Don't know where to get them? Nah... I just don't want to take the time to change shoes after class because I have juuuust enough time to book it to the treadmill, run 2 miles, shower, and get to work. Just enough time. Clearly changing shoes would throw that whole system outta wack.

3. One of my very best friends and I went to grad school together and once had a very long, heated discussion about which of us was more weird than the other. We ended up ranking our entire co-hort on a "weird" list. I finally gave her the number 1 spot, but just the fact that we had this conversation makes us pretty weird, I think.
 MH, you know I love you. Quite possibly BECAUSE of how weird you are.

4. I hate stew. Beef stew. Chicken stew. Veggie stew. Sick. All sick. Stew of any kind GROSSES ME OUT. I cannot handle it. Never, ever will I make stew. G-r-o-s-s.

5. When I go to the gym I fill my water bottle up in the standard water fountain and forgo the fancy filtered water fountain thing. I think the water fountain water tastes better. NUMEROUS times when I've been filling it up someone tells me I should use the other fancy filtered water fountain thing instead. GET OFF ME! I like non-fancy water. Get over it.

6. When I was little I wanted to be a toll booth worker for like over a year. It seemed like a great job for some reason. Clearly, I was a weird kid. After that phase I just decided I wanted to be "the boss" when I grew up. People would ask me "what kind of boss? The boss of what?" Silly people. It didn't matter. As long as I could be bossy to someone. Woah, I was a special kid. 

7. I LOVE reality TV. Love. I watch more reality TV than non-reality TV. Far more, now that I actually think about it. Real Housewives of NY, Big Brother, everything on HGTV and the Food Network, Khloe and Lamar (WAY better than any of the other Kardashian shows!!), Guiliana & Bill... you name it, I likely love it. I DON'T however do many of the competition shows-- Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The Voice-- never got into any of them. I also never got into any of the Bachelor's or Bachelorette's. 

I had no picture to go with this, so I decided to post a pic of me from my Bachelorette Party! Get it... The Bachelorette reality show, me as a Bachelorette... all coming together now? Get it? Good.


  1. you are weird....don't change, this is why we all love you <3

    ~L :)