Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIAW - Round 9


I actually kinda hate it when people call it that. I'm not even sure why I just called it that. And, I'm not really in a PEPPY, all-caps, exclamation point kinda mood either. I'm tired (the 5am alarm was WAY too early today, but I did drag myself outta bed and get a sweat spinning session in). And crabby (no time for a mid-day workout today AND it's our last sand v-ball game tonight... tear!). And OMG so sore. SO, SO sore. Bascially every part of my body except my hands and my head is sore. OUCH.

Ok, rather than continuing to bitch and moan and complain, let's just get straight to What I Ate Wednesday (ala Jen, our host).

*Reminder: These are my meals, snacks, drinks, etc. from Tuesday.

Breakfast: Around 8:30am (About 195 calories)
I had to eat earlier than I usually do because of a 9am meeting. I'm out of Greek yogurt, but recently bought a pack of TJ's Whole Wheat Slims (100 cal) that I am LOVING. So, I made about 2 egg whites in the microwave while toasting one said slim and a piece (torn into 2, one for each side) of low-fat colby jack cheese (50 cal) in the toaster oven. I realize I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have access to a microwave, toaster oven, and fridge at work and I take full advantage. I eat it open face because it makes me feel like I get more. I'm a total nutcase. It's OK. Oh, I also had an (unpictured) mug of coffee. An extra large glass of delicious cinnamon flavored coffee, with a serving of benebiber (note: I take benefiber twice a day, as directed by my doctor. I generally don't even count these calories (15/serving) or even think about the fact that it's part of what I eat each day, but for the sake of putting EVERYTHING down, I'll list it. I likely won't remember to list it each WIAW so... sorry in advance, I suppose!).

Other: Around 1:20pm (15 calories)
Not really sure what to call this because it's certainally not a MEAL or even a SNACK. After a lunchbreak 4-miler I chugged a bottle of water with a serving of benefiber. (note: I take benefiber twice a day, as directed by my doctor)

Lunch: Around 1:45pm (About 270 calories)
This is an old pic, but it's about right. I had about 1 1/2 (it's all I had left. I forgot to buy it at the grocery store this week. Dangit!) tbsp of Supremely Spicey Hummus (told you I was addicted!) with a serving of Special K chips (not shown... in this pic they are pretzel thins... I ran out of those too. I pretty much sucked at grocery shopping this week). I also had baby carrotts and an (unpictured) low-fat cheese stick and a diet pepsi. I took 1 bite into the apple I brought and pitched it. I LOVE apples... but, I'm very picky about the crunchiness level. This one did not pass the test. Straight to the trash it went. Sad day.

Snack 1: Around 2:45pm (0 calories)
Ok, this isn't really a "snack". I (very suprisingly) wasn't crazy starving after lunch... I was busy working on a few projects and honestly just think I was too busy to be hungry. Weird. Anyway-- I was COLD (damn A/C cranked way up!), so that brought on this snack: my all time favorite hot tea.

Snack 2: Around 4:00pm (About 100 calories)
I started to get hungry right around 3:30pm. I tried to just make it til dinner, but when my tummy was still growling at 4, I knew I needed a snack. Enter, raw, slightly salted TJ's almonds. Delicious. I had about 1/2 a serving and paired it with a Diet Coke for a lil' caffeine boost.

Snack 3: Around 5:30pm (About 200 calories)
(Unpictured) 5 TJ's chocolate-covered-PB-filled-pretzel bites. SO good. 
Dinner: Around 6:00pm (About 400 calories)
The Hubs didn't have to work late (YAY!!), so we took full advantage and went out for dinner. We went to Brothers, one of his favorites. I'm just kinda meh on the place, but that's ok. I got a grilled chicken sandwich (no cheese) with fries and water to drink (though I admit I had several sips of the Hubs diet pepsi). I only ate the chicken (not the bun) and a litle less than half the fries, so it ended up actually being a pretty light dinner.

Snack 4: Around 8:15pm (150 calories)
Air popped popcorn. With a side of True Blood (to watch, not to eat).

Total Calories for Day: Around 1330

Note: I'm not "dieting", but I am watching what I eat and trying to stay around 1400ish calories a day. I was well over 1400 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday... whatev. I'm OK with it. Life's a balancing act. I did make a very deliberate effort to watch what I ate Tuesday and plan to Wednesday and Thursday, as well... again for balance. I do not want to GAIN weight during this marathon training, but am not actively trying to lose weight either. I do have some weight I can/should lose (based on my height and current weight), but am not really actively seeking that right now.  


  1. I definitely don't think you're eating enough food here, woman! Be careful this doesn't develop into something serious!

    1. Aw! Thank you for your concern. I am & will continue to be careful. I do appreciate the concern!