Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Signature Strength, Spinning, and Swanky-ness

Today's workout was Signature Strength class. TONS of lunges, squats, abs, arms... wowza. I was shaking all class. I'm already sore. I wasn't going to run... I really wasn't. Then, I thought of one of my favorite bloggers and decided to just SHUT UP IN RUN. I got 2 in in 18:20. I might run at lunch or after work OUTSIDE later since it's the coolest day of the week and I'm trying to enjoy semi-cool days with outdoor runs while I can. We'll see...  

Monday’s workout was one of those “I love to run!!” workouts. I started the day off when my alarm went off at 5am—UGH!!—and was slow to get up. Monday’s are ALWAYS the hardest, but when I take Sunday as a rest day, they seem to be even harder. You’d think the extra rest that comes with a REST day would leave me feeling RESTED… but, I think it just makes me feel lazy and lethargic. Anyway—even though I realllly didn’t want to get up, I did and was immediately glad I did. I remember thinking in the car how much easier it is to get up early the entire rest of the week when I get up Monday and start the week off that way.

So, I went to a 60-minute Spinning Class. Pretty non-eventful. It was freaking HOT in the room. The music was bleh. I spun, but not as hard as I usually do.

Then, I hit the treadmill for 2 quick miles (8:48 pace), showered and rushed to work. At lunch I got another 5 miles (9:06 pace) in at lunch on the indoor track.
It’s SO hot and humid and gross outside… I swear, I sweat more on the walk to and from the gym than I did during the 5 mile run. Crazy!

Now that we’ve covered today, let’s back up to the weekend… the Hubs and I had a pretty eventful weekend. We went out for dinner Friday night to a local bar and grill, Brother’s. We went there a few weeks ago and the Hubs loved it, so we went back again. This time, we started with some chips and salsa and then I went with the Southwest Salad (hold the cheese, tomatoes, and tortilla strips… dressing on side) to kinda even out the chips and salsa.
It was meh. Had there been some avocado, it would’ve been 10 times better.

After dinner we grocery shopped, picked up a RedBox (Gone with Amanda Seyfeid), got FroYo (duh) and then spent a quiet night in watching our movie (meh… not very good… save your money). I called it a night around 11… super “late” for me!

I got up crazy early (for a Saturday) to get my long run in. We were going to a wedding in Indianapolis Saturday and I knew we needed to leave by 9:30, so I had to get my run in and shower and be out the door by then. So, a 5:55am alarm on a Saturday morning it was. UGH! But, I knew I could nap in the car, so that helped my mental state as I pulled myself outta bed.

10 miles was on the plan. I did 11 (1:47:11, average pace: 9:44) .

The Hubs has actually started getting in the habit of asking me how many miles I was “supposed” to run after I tell him how many I actually did. Whatever. I’m an over achiever. I can’t help myself.
The run was hot and sunny. I felt pretty good the whole time, though. Had I had more time, I would’ve gotten a few more miles in.

After the run I treated myself to a skinny iced vanilla late. SO good. Worth all $2329384 dollars these crazy fancy coffee drinks get.

We got to Matt’s cousins house, who we were staying with for the night, just outside Indianapolis in just enough time to change, freshen up, and hit the road for the wedding.

Gorgeous wedding at a church in Indy. The mass started at 2:30 and ended about 3:45pm. The cocktail hour was about 15 minutes away, but didn’t start til 5 so we had some time to kill. I knew right away what I wanted to do.
Another skinny iced vanilla late and a Trader Joe’s trip. Perfect way to blow an hour.  

The reception was at a really swanky old renovated cathedral in downtown Indy.  It was really nice, the bride and groom (the groom was the Hubs freshmen year college roommate and HS/grade school friend) were gorgeous, and everyone had a great time. We drank, dined, and danced til about 9:30pm when I just couldn’t stay awake any longer and called it a night.

We left Matt’s cousin Sunday morning after getting breakfast (stay tuned to this week’s WIAW!). We got back home around lunch and then just had a lazy night in. Several episodes of Snapped on Oxygen, some reading, a whole lot of just lounging arund, made dinner, and watched another RedBox (don't even remember the name... had Mark Wahlberg... not a great movie... you're not missing out on anything. Except a hot Mark Wahlberg. That's it. I promise.). I love lazy Sunday afternoon’s, so it was a great end to the weekend to me!  


  1. I think that salad would have been better if you kept the cheese, dressing, tortilla strips and tomatoes on it. I mean, you got rid of all the good stuff! But I agree - where was the avocado?!

  2. Agreed! I forgot I added grilled chicken to the salad, so that helped make it better...but, still NEEDED the avocado.

  3. Lunges always kill me the next day. Since I can't do lunges for a while I am sure once I can they will hurt like a mother. I love how you love fro-yo as much as me. The other night I had peach and angel food cake topped with strawberries and raspberries. So perfect!

    1. Lunges get me every time! Seriously... you'd think all the running would make legs o' steel... not so much. Crazy!

      FRO YO = AMAZING! I can't get enough. If we ever run the same race we MUST get fro yo together after. MUST. :)

  4. I'm obsessed with Trader Joe's. And iced coffee. And you. WHY HAVEN'T WE DONE THIS YET IN STL OR CHICAGO???????

    1. True and True. Let's do it when you're in Chicago, kid!